Friday, July 17, 2009

Do you like to earn Paypal money?

Hey folks! Long time, no posts. I have been working a lot to support my family during these tough times, so my free time is pretty much zilch. I am chained to my laptop when the girls are napping, but I don't get to do a lot of surfing or blogging. I am trying to peak in on everyone else's blogs as much as I can. Bare with me, I miss you all.

I recently came across some sites that are little ways to earn extra cash and they all pay into Paypal! For just a small amount of time daily, you can view ads and websites and get paid for it. These are called "Paid Per Click" or PPC sites if you would like to know the lingo. You will certainly not make enough money to pay the mortgage payment, but if you want to tuck away a few dollars here and there into your Paypal account in time for Christmas, well, it could help. I don't think of it as a "paycheck", but more like discounts or coupons next time you want to purchase something online. (It is cash, not actual coupons so you can use it on anything.)

For instance, if you decide to purchase a gift for your spouse and the gift costs $50, many sites will allow you to use your Paypal account to purchase. So, if over the last five months, you managed to tuck away $30, then that money could be applied to the purchase and then you will only owe the additional $20 (plus shipping, etc.) It can come in handy and all for very little time commitment. Here are some sites below and in full disclosure, Yes, I do get referral fees for everyone who signs up under me. (And if you sign up you can sign up others under you.)

There are others out there, but I want to do some more research on others before I pass them along. I do not ever want to recommend something that isn't worth it! Also, both of the above are just viewing websites, nothing else. The only recommendation that I have is to clear your cookies on your computer every night and have a good anti-virus. I haven't had a problem, but it is best to be as safe as possible.

Well, I hope this helps someone or someone you all know! Wishing you all the best!