Friday, October 9, 2009

New website announcement!!!

I no longer maintain Bringing Up Twins (dot) com. Please find current blog posts at this address.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Since I went off to college, I have been trying to escape. I didn't want to live in my hometown forever. I wanted to see more. I wanted to do more. I wanted to explore and spread my wings. So, I decided that going away to college was for me the day of my Dad's funeral. I knew my life had to change and this was the direction that seemed right to me. I then set out to find a way to make this a reality though the odds were not in my favor. No one had gone away to school in my family and I was looked at in disbelief when I announced this was my plan.

I went away to college for the entire freshman year and had fun, shed tears and changed in some ways and possibly digressed in other ways. No one can prepare someone for the challenges of being a college student out on their own. One just has to experience it. I had to grab the bull by the horns and just do it. Some people thrive at it and find this is the way for them. I wanted to be one of these people. Desperately. However, what I didn't expect was to deal with the crushing blow of grief that I had put off for the year and a half since my Dad had died. I squashed those feelings of hurt, loss and bewilderment that one of the people who created me was gone out of my life forever. I did this by being someone that I think both the Lord and me know was not who I should have been and not who I was created to be.

After one year, I retreated back home. I found comfort in being back home around family and old friends. I enjoyed the ability to have a decent job that I didn't have to compete with hundreds of other students to get. Living at home afforded me the ability to have things that poor college students usually couldn't have. I was home. This felt right. Though I was still trying to escape.

So, I partied. Yep, this twinmama enjoyed herself one too many times at the lounge...Okay, we didn't call it the lounge, but you know what I mean. I am sure there were many people in my life that looked at ME in bewilderment thinking, "What are you doing??" I should have been one of them, but I was still numb.

At some point, I picked myself up and decided this wasn't the life for me anymore. I thought returning to college was the best thing for me. This time I would really grab the bull by the horns and get everything out of the college experience. This time was for me! So, I returned to college the following year and spent another year and a half there feeling even more aimless. I had no purpose being there. I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I didn't enjoy what I was learning. I had very few friends who all had their own lives going on. So, I worked. And worked. And worked. This did not fulfill me. It made me even more resentful.

Finally, I decided to leave, but in the midst of making this decision found myself in a relationship with someone from my past that I thought would make me happy. Sometimes we cannot be the person we used to be. I was at this point and realized that I had changed forever. This did not last.

So, I was back home and finished my degree at a local school. I worked while in college and that is where I met twindada. From the moment he asked me out, we have been inseparable ever since. This is hard to believe since we have been together for nine years and married for seven! Being with twindada was the first time that I felt home. I finally found what I was looking for in the midst of chaos and heartache. My world had spun out of control after my father died and for the first time, I found balance again.

At our wedding, we set out a bouquet of flowers for my Dad. I know he was there. Yet, I couldn't find sadness that day. It wasn't because I didn't miss my Dad walking me down the aisle or a father/daughter dance. (I can't stay in the room during this dance at anyone's wedding, it crushes me. What am I going to do when Peanut & Jelly Bean dance with twindada one day??) It was because that day I created a family with twindada and I felt a sense of peace that I had been looking for for years.

It's strange to think about my college years. Twindada and I went to the same college and even lived a street apart one year and yet we met 3 hours away at job. We could have passed each other on the street at any given moment. I could have brushed arms at a club with the father of my children.

Yet it took me going home to find him.

So, maybe that is the key. Home isn't so bad. Home isn't always a place. It is much more than that. I tried to escape my home yet I think that even though I have changed, I have found comfort in the familiarities of my upbringing. I have dear high school friends who I miss and some I am just reuniting with thanks to Facebook. I am not the same person. Never will be, but that is okay. I am a better version of myself because there is one other thing that I haven't mentioned.

I came back to Christ.

When Dad died, I ran like lightning away from God. I still had a reasonable fear of Him, but I was sooo angry. I put up my fist and let Him know this girl was carving her own path. Bad idea. You can see where that got me.

Twindada and I had a spiritual journey (that we are still on!) that changed the course of our lives forever. I believe this is the sole reason I was meant to marry him. I could have made many other choices in my life, but none of those would have glorified God. Him and I were meant to see the love, mercy and grace that the Lord provides. We have seen it every year that we have been together and this year is not any different.

2009 has been one of the most challenging years of our lives together yet we both have felt grateful for the outcome. Neither of us wanted to see twindada lose his job or for us to make the decision to put our house on the market. Stressful things have been happening and it has taken a toll on us! However, every time something challenging happens, it has given us the opportunity to ask the question, "Lord, what do you want to teach us with this adversity in our lives?" God is looking to shape our hearts and I think we are being molded with every challenge.

As I mentioned, we put our house on the market. We JUST moved in a year ago. We are very sad because it is a great house with lots of potential, some we have already taken advantage of with its hardwood floors and beautiful sunroom. Love the sunroom...I digress...

We have made another decision and that is to move back to my hometown. I pray this is the right decision for our family. I am excited about doing this and think the girls will benefit greatly for being closer to my mom. They LOVE their grandma and ask to see her all the time. Being able to see her regularly would be a treat for them. Having my Mom nearby would be a helpful for me as she is my biggest support system besides my husband.

Twindada was able to find a job closer to my Mom's home therefore this is a wise decision for everyone. I pray he is able to find peace in this decision since this is not where he is from. (We are currently living in his home town. It will be a switch for us.) I want everyone to be happy because my family is my first "home". Going back to my "hometown" is a bonus.

I pray we are able to sell our house quickly and move on with our lives. I pray we can find something in my hometown that will be suitable for us while we look for our permanent home. I pray that as we find our next home, we can find comfort in God's loving presence, our real home.

Sometimes writing it all out brings perspective. You know, maybe I will have come full circle in my journey to escape. That is okay. Is it that I am running back to my roots for comfort? Am I bailing on my hellbent attitude of going out on my own and never looking back? Maybe to some, but not to this twinmama. Check out my name. I am a twinmama now. It isn't about me, it is about my family. And my family is my home....are you with me?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are You Going to Have Anymore?

Recently, I have been asked the question, "Are you going to have anymore children?" It seems lately this has been asked of me more and more. I guess since the girls are almost three years old it is a good time for us to be thinking about it. Or at least everyone else thinks so.

I have several friends and family members who are having #3. This is the most children anyone in my life have. Three is a good number although I suspect several of my friends may go for more children. They are good, patient parents and if God blesses it, I am sure they will happily make room for more.

I grew up with two old brothers so I came from a family of three children. Three makes sense to me. Twindada grew up with one older brother, so two's company for him. Before our girls were born, we joked about how many we would have. When we were trying to get pregnant, we wanted a big family. Our version of big was possibly five kiddos. When we were finally carrying the twins, we joked that we would just get pregnant with another set of twins and have four kids. Once the girls were born, we said we would prefer NOT to have another set of twins and who knows what the future brings. (Translation: We were shell shocked and why in the world would we want to do this all over again? Fertility treatment, roller coaster pregnancy, hospitalization, bed rest, NICU time, first three months, next 9 months, next 1 1/2 years....)


They are so much hard work! They take over your world! They are the reason I toss and turn, worrying about them, praying for them and obsessing over their well being! They have multiplied the number of gray hairs on my head by 50! They want me to pull my hair out!!

Guess what? I love it.

Guess what? I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Guess what? Maybe there is room for more.

Now, I am not making any announcements. Our world has been turned upside down this year with the loss of a job and other challenges. This is certainly not the right time for us, but maybe, just maybe that one day God will bless us with more.

I am over thinking about how hard the beginning was because frankly all that hard work is so worth it. When my girls smiled at me for the first time, it was amazing. When my girls started saying "Dada" it warmed my heart. When the girls started walking, I was proud (and scared).

Now the girls are absorbing everything. They are singing, playing pretend instruments, learning, wanting to do things for themselves. I am in awe how my 2 little preemies have turned into 2 amazing little independent girls who are happy and have a love of all things they come into contact with everyday.

When I eavesdrop on them having a conversation with each other, it is so sweet. I love to hear them giggling with each other and I love when they melt in my arms. I love how they want to do everything by themselves, "I want to do it myself!" and when they need me, they come sweetly saying, "Mommy, do it..."

All of this reminds me how wonderful it is to be a mother. And when I think about my beautiful little girls, I know that if God gave me enough love for two babies in a single moment, there may just be enough room for more.

Only time will tell.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is It Really Double?

I heard a lot when I was carrying twins that we were in for twice the work - twice the diapers, twice the bottles, twice the baths...well, twice the everything. People would say, "It is like having one baby, but double the work." This seemed logical to me because I was carrying two children and that made perfect sense.

Then I gave birth to twins and brought them home from the hospital.

It was during those first three months that I decided that all of these people had no idea what they were talking about. All those people who appropriately spaced out their children so they were able to enjoy each of them individually. Yeah, those people, you know who you are...:)

I remember the first three months were filled with various emotions. I was thrilled that both Peanut & Jelly Bean were healthy and doing great. That was the blessing. I was thrilled because I was the mother of two beautiful little girls which was a huge surprise the day they were born. I was thrilled because my dream of being a mother had finally come true and that God blessed my prayers. No complaints from this twinmama, I am blessed! However, the first three months were also the roughest three months of my life. I was sleep deprived beyond imagine. I was overwhelmed beyond imagine. I was hormonal beyond imagine. I was confused...well, beyond imagine.

The work involved with caring for twin infants is well beyond double the work. Yes, there are double the diapers, bottles and clothing, but it is more than that. No one speaks about the "third" child known as "inconvenience, logistical nightmare and do-overs". Let me explain...

I remember watching my friends who could easily transport their sweet little mobile baby wherever they went. Want to go to the store? No problem! Grab the baby and pack the diaper bag and off you go! Want ME, a mother of twins, to go to the store? Okay, let me grab both babies, hold on, they are getting heavy in their car seats and the diaper bag is crammed full, you know, at least 2 sets of clothes, diapers, 2 sippy cups...wait a minute, I can't carry both car seats and the diaper bag to the car, so I need to take each one to the door and then come back and oh no, Peanut just spit up on her outfit...wait a minute, let me change her, but wait Jelly Bean is already in the car. So I go back and get Jelly Bean because I am paranoid and don't want her alone for more than a minute and then I finally change Peanut and go to put her in the car, but wait! Jelly Bean just pooped in her diaper. Crap. Yeah, that's what's in there alright. Go back for Peanut to bring her back in the house. Change Jelly Bean. I am really tired now. You know, sleep deprivation, right? FORGET IT!! I will just call twindada and have him pick up a pizza for dinner...

It's is more than double the work. It takes some time to figure out how to manage all of the demands, the logistics and emotions that make up the twin life. Each new stage presents new challenges, but it is also amazing how twin parents (and other multiple parents) are able to overcome each hurdle. I figured out how to plan my time better. I learned to not sweat the spit ups and unexpected diaper changes. I learned to recognize that this is hard work and that it is okay to ask for help. I learned that "this too shall pass" and once it is over, I will miss it. And even as hard as those first three months were, I would love to hold my 4 lb twin preemies one more time.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Potty Training Lessons This Mama Has Learned the Hard Way

We have been attempting to potty train for the past few months. I say "attempting" because some weeks I am ready to give it a go while other weeks I cower in the corner rocking back and forth. Two little girls are in charge of our financial, mental, physical and emotional well being. This twinfamily needs to free up some funds, know what I am saying? Time for two little bottoms to air out and proclaim "big girl status"! Time for this twinmama to get a break once in a while instead of being up to my elbows in dirty diapers! Time for our trash to only need emptied a couple times a week instead of everyday! Yet every time there is a massive puddle on the floor or I am dodging turds right and left on the carpet, I immediately retreat.

Danger! Danger! Toxic materials! Call in the HazMat team! We have a CODE RED, people!

And I think these brilliant little girls know that they hold the cards. They know they control how long this is going to go on. They know they have us by our throats and won't let go until we cry uncle.

I will win. I must win. They are very smart...good gene pool, what can I say? Heh, heh...But there is one thing they don't have...

GOOGLE! Yep, I am going to shameless scour the Internet for every single tidbit, advice and downright evil tactic to get these little girls to go running for the potty. I will keep you posted.

So, while I think of new ways to beat them at their own game, here are my lessons learned. (Notice I said, MY lessons learned. The girls' list would be much shorter.)

1. Never assume because you have done everything at the same time since your twins were born that this time will be the same. Peanut is interested in potty training. Jelly Bean is absolutely not.

2. Never send your child to time out when they are only wearing panties and are potty training. They have a secret weapon and they will use it. And you will spend more time cleaning up the mess than they did in time out.

3. Never assume that all "currency" works the same for all children. Some may like stickers, some may like M&M's.

4. Never assume that "currency" will keep its value indefinitely. Peanut has bored of stickers, so we switched to M&M's. I fear that she is boring of these, too...

5. Never switch to training pants such as Huggies Pull Ups if they are waaay cuter than their other diapers. Pretty pink Pull Ups with princesses on them will not make them want to wear panties any time soon. They will happily go pee and poo in these pretty training pants. No, they don't care about the blasted hearts or butterflies that disappear. They are smart enough to know when this happens, mommy is going to put a new Pull Up on them. Poof! There are more butterflies and hearts!

6. Never assume once your child tells you that she has to go potty for an entire day that she will keep this up.

7. Never assume that your child will care if you tell her she will be a "big girl" if she goes potty in the toilet. Some are completely happy being a baby and have no plans to change that. Why should they do all the work, when there is someone available to wipe their butt for them?

8. Never assume that children will be disgusted by poop and pee as you are. Puddles are puddles and all are fun to splash in.

9. Never assume because your child wakes up dry after nap time, tells you that she needs a diaper change, and if you don't get to her fast enough she strips, that she is ready for potty training. She is clearly messing with your head.

10. Never assume that just because most of your family and friends potty trained their children before the age of 2 that there is something wrong with your child. After all, that stubbornness had to come from somewhere...

Monday, September 7, 2009

The New Parents Guide

Planning for a new baby or wanting new loot for your little one? Check out The New Parents Guide. The site is filled with baby and toddler products, family friendly resorts around the world, articles and much more!

New products, information and travel spots are added regularly, so check back in often!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Do you like to earn Paypal money?

Hey folks! Long time, no posts. I have been working a lot to support my family during these tough times, so my free time is pretty much zilch. I am chained to my laptop when the girls are napping, but I don't get to do a lot of surfing or blogging. I am trying to peak in on everyone else's blogs as much as I can. Bare with me, I miss you all.

I recently came across some sites that are little ways to earn extra cash and they all pay into Paypal! For just a small amount of time daily, you can view ads and websites and get paid for it. These are called "Paid Per Click" or PPC sites if you would like to know the lingo. You will certainly not make enough money to pay the mortgage payment, but if you want to tuck away a few dollars here and there into your Paypal account in time for Christmas, well, it could help. I don't think of it as a "paycheck", but more like discounts or coupons next time you want to purchase something online. (It is cash, not actual coupons so you can use it on anything.)

For instance, if you decide to purchase a gift for your spouse and the gift costs $50, many sites will allow you to use your Paypal account to purchase. So, if over the last five months, you managed to tuck away $30, then that money could be applied to the purchase and then you will only owe the additional $20 (plus shipping, etc.) It can come in handy and all for very little time commitment. Here are some sites below and in full disclosure, Yes, I do get referral fees for everyone who signs up under me. (And if you sign up you can sign up others under you.)

There are others out there, but I want to do some more research on others before I pass them along. I do not ever want to recommend something that isn't worth it! Also, both of the above are just viewing websites, nothing else. The only recommendation that I have is to clear your cookies on your computer every night and have a good anti-virus. I haven't had a problem, but it is best to be as safe as possible.

Well, I hope this helps someone or someone you all know! Wishing you all the best!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Burt's Bees is giving away free lip balm!

Through June 20, 2009, Burt's Bee's is giving away 1,000 lip balms every day! The merchant is giving away the free balm between 9AM and 12 noon (EST), but the time is random each day, so users have to check in regularly to catch the special give away. Good luck!!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Poor Little Peanut

My Peanut really was born with the brunt of minor issues that seem to pop up every now and then. She is the baby that was born with the puffy, strawberry shaped hemangioma on her left cheek and the hairy nevus on the back of her arm.

Last year at a routine doctor's appointment, it was pointed out that her "girl parts" were fused together. This is known as labial adhesion. Basically, labial adhesion is when the labia sticks together and doesn't open up. Over time, mature skin cells can actually form over it. Because she is only two years old, her body is not manufacturing estrogen making her more like a post menopausal woman. (Interesting enough, this wasn't a problem when she was first born because she had estrogen in her body that came from me.)

We were prescribed to treat this problem with Premarin cream for two weeks. After the two weeks, I noticed a change, but it eventually fused back together. We did a second round several months later and the same thing happened. In January, our pediatrician decided it was time for Peanut to see a urologist.

When I called for the appointment, I was surprised to find out there was only one pediatric urologist in our entire area and it would take about 3+ months to get an initial appointment. (Talk about job security and a whole lot of money....)

We finally had our appointment today and I have to admit I was really apprehensive about it. Thankfully, a dear friend offered to take Jelly Bean so twindada and I could take Peanut together to the appointment. Jelly Bean had four other little friends to play with so she had an absolute blast. We dropped Jelly Bean off at our friend's house and this was the first time that Jelly Bean was alone without Peanut and us. I suspected that Jelly Bean would cry as I walked out, but she didn't seem to mind at all. I jumped back into our truck to find Peanut sobbing and yelling, "Peanut, too!" She wanted to go play with sissy.

We get to the hospital and find our doctor's office. After a wait in the waiting room, we were taken back to an exam room for another short wait. Peanut did great - there were plenty of toys in both areas to keep her occupied and it was such a piece of cake. Twindada and I both were kind of relaxed as she walked around and played with the toys. I mean, c'mon! One baby and two parents? That is nuts! I wanted to take a nap, but thought I would get some stares...

The first doctor came in and examined her. I explained to Peanut (though she is still young to really comprehend) that he is a doctor and mommy said it was okay for him to look at her down there. After his exam, the urologist came in and examined her as well. He quickly showed us that she was really fused together and that when she urinated, it was likely that urine was filling in her vagina and then leaking out.

At this point, we were given two options: 1) Schedule an appointment for the OR, have her put under general anesthesia and have it opened up or 2) Open it up right there in the doctor's office. Ugh....neither? Is that a choice?

Unfortunately, there are couple health concerns that rise if it is not treated. First, she is susceptible to urinary tract infections especially since she is so closed up. Another issue is that if it is left untreated, in time mature skin cells will grow over and then it would require literally cutting through skin.

We decided to get it done right there in the office. We knew it was going to hurt her and I was shakey and upset about that. But we also knew that it was going to be really quick procedure and putting her under general anesthesia for a 30 second process didn't seem like the appropriate measure.

Twindada distracted her with a toy while I tickled her foot. The doctor said that if she was concentrating on being tickled, it would help a little. The doctor used a large, sterile cotton swab to pull it open. I couldn't watch.

I have seen these girls go through hospitalization the first twelve days and getting poked and prodded. I have seen them get shots and go through some uncomfortable things, but that did it for me. I tickled her foot and turned my head. She wailed. I was wailing inside.

Fortunately, the doctor was really quick and it was done. Peanut stood up on the exam table and she immediately wanted me. I had the biggest lump in my throat as I held her. I couldn't imagine what she went through, but surprisingly after a couple minutes she was fine. The doctor warned us that it could happen again, but by the time she is ten years old or so, her body will start making estrogen as she goes into puberty and it won't be a problem anymore. Ugh, again. I don't want to think about her having to go through this again, but we also know if it happens when she is a little older, he will do the procedure in the OR since she will be old enough to understand her surroundings.

We received our instructions for caring for her (Bacitracin for 7-10 days and then Premarin for another 7 days). As we left, Peanut received a stuffed animal. This made her very happy and she is sleeping with it as we speak.

I have to back up for a second and tell you all a side note. The entire time we were gone, Peanut talked about sissy. She would say, "Where sissy go?" And I would have to respond, "Sissy is playing with friends." She would then pipe up, "Peanut, too!" And I would have to say, "After we see the doctor, we will go get sissy." So, on the way to pick up Jelly Bean, Peanut says from her car seat, "I go see sissy!"

We arrived to find Jelly Bean having so much fun and Peanut ran in looking for her. Without saying a word, the girls embraced. I was so touched. They really missed each other. They hugged each other a couple times saying, "ah, sissy".

Once we got home everyone was exhausted. It seemed like an emotional roller coaster today and we are all glad it is over. Peanut still is experiencing some pain when she wets, but I have her on pain medication to help with it and hoping she recovers quickly. It definitely didn't slow her down because she has been running around here like normal being her little rambunctious self.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Heart Art!

Three Bay B Chicks, Domestically Challenged, and I'm Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor are hosting We Heart Art this week and are looking for creative stuff from little kids and big kids alike.

For We Heart Art, I thought it would fun to show an activity that we did recently. I was desperate for a little glimpse of summer after so many cold, rainy days, so we decided to make Butterfly Masks.

Paper Plate Butterfly Masks

What you will need:

Cheap paper plates (ones without coating work best)
elastic string or ribbon

This is an excellent way to get your little ones involved. Mine are only 2 years old, so there aren't very many craft projects we can do together yet. I simply gave them each a paper plate and they colored all over paper plate with whatever colors they wanted. The more colors, the better!

After they were finished, I cut out butterfly shapes. I measured the distance between their eyes quickly with a ruler and then cut out eye holes. Lastly, I poked very small holes on each side. I didn't have elastic string, but ribbon worked well.

Here are some pictures of our activity! Enjoy!

Peanut showing off not a mask, but a new type of hat. I guess that is creative, too, right?

Jelly Bean decided that it was better as a hat, too.

I am just a kid at heart.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's Your Mommy Uniform?

Many professions require a specific type of dress whether it is professional attire, scrubs, fatigues, a bright polo shirt and visor or orange smock. Depending on the type of work that one does it may dictate that certain duds are worn to make the job easier or to look the part. So, I got to thinking...

...although our "profession" is way more than just a silly 9-to-5 job and is a privilege, honor and right to bring up our own precious babies, I wondered....

What's Your Mommy Uniform?

I have found since I became a mom and especially a stay-at-home mom, that I tend to stick with a similar type of a dress because it is comfortable for caring for children and there is a lack of concern over the welfare of this clothing since it will come under fire with the forces of babyhood (a.k.a. spit up, pee, poo, snot, milk, any type of food imaginable, etc.)

My style has always been very casual and pretty plain. I like basics and don't get caught up in trendy fashions. Interesting, I like some trendy fashions that I see, I just don't wear them myself. Pretty plain. Plain Jane. Simple. Boring.

However, since Peanut & Jelly Bean were born, I have become a "sporty" dresser because it is flexible, comfortable (using that word again) and well, forgiving (some things stretch when necessary especially when you are breast feeding or recovering from a c-section scar).

When my girls were still in the hospital, I spent my days in track pants, nursing tank tops, zip up sweat jackets and gym shoes. The track pants were more comfortable on my tender belly and were easy to get on and off. If nursing, a nursing top or nursing tank provides easy access to your baby. I was able to get away with a nursing tank that worked like a bra. A zip up jacket kept me warm in the cold hospital while I would nurse the girls. (If you are doing "kangaroo" care, then a zip up jacket is easy to get on and off. Kangaroo care is when you hold your baby skin to skin while nursing or bottle feeding. It helps to stimulate a newborn especially preemies and keeps them warm by using your own body heat.)

Over the past 27 months, I have continued to have a sporty type of dress when caring for my girls. I typically wear jeans, a T-shirt and gym shoes. Everyday. Everyday of my life. With the exception of Sunday mornings when we go to church and then I wear dress pants, comfortable shirt and black dress shoes. Every Sunday. Every Sunday of my life.

I have cute clothes - dresses, heels and shirts that need to be ironed, but I just can't bring myself to go the extra mile to dress up for any particular event. Heels? Out of the question. What if one of the kiddos decide to take off down the church hallway. How on earth could I chase them quickly in a pair of those? Dresses? I have way too much bending and kneeling to do that would require too much concern over my modesty. Ironed clothes? Why would I spend all that time ironing something that will end up crumpled up after holding a baby, chasing them down to change diapers or get dressed?

Seriously, I think about all this stuff. I am sure this may seem like a silly irrational thought pattern. But that is where I go when I think about my own style. Be functional. Be kid-ready. Be ready for spit up on the shirt. (Maybe it isn't the shirt that is my uniform, but it's the spit up that is on the shirt that is my uniform! Hmmm...deep..)

Hopefully in time, I can become a more careful dresser. Maybe I can dust the ole heels off and give them a go when twindada and I can find someone to watch the girls and actually go on a date. Dare to dream. It could happen...

But for now, this is my Mommy Uniform.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This post is part of a series titled "Twinmama's Lifestyle Challenge". For more information about how the challenge works, please visit related links here and here.

Here we go again!

I am definitely out of practice putting up these challenges as I completely forgot about posting on Sunday. Go figure. Anyway, like I mentioned before, TLC challenges will now be monthly challenges and will be posted at the beginning (or sometime around the beginning) of each month. I am just going to blame my mommy brain. I am sure you understand.

May Challenge...cue Mission: Impossible music...

Category?: Personal

What?: Cut out the late night eating! I will not eat anything after a certain time each night.

Why?: Getting the munchies at night can be a detriment to our weight, finances and our energy. Salty or sugary snacks add loads of calories to our daily diet and are typically a temporary satisfaction. Unless protein is involved, there is no sense of fulfillment. In our house, the snack of choice can be ice cream. Quick runs to a ice cream shop or the store can be costly over a period of time. There is much debate over whether night time eating causes people to gain weight so here is twinmama's take on it: It is the amount of overall daily calories consumed that is important to control. Eating right before bed, may not cause weight increases if your overall calorie/fat intake for the day is within a normal range. However, if you are like me and eat plenty throughout the day to hit your target, late night eating will put you OVER your maximum number of calories/fat allowed causing weight increase. Also, many people choose poor snack choices in the evening (ice cream, chips, cookies, candy, etc.) and these are loaded with unnecessary sugar and salt. All of that extra sugar will deplete our energy. (And this twinmama's theory is we will suffer the very next day for it.)

How Do We Go About Doing the Challenge?:
I will pick a time that fits into my evening schedule and will not have anything to eat after at this time. For me, this time will be 7pm. I can have all the water that I want.

Who Does the Challenge Include?: Me

Resources to Help:

TLC Weekly Challenges start each month and continue indefinitely. I will post my results along with the following challenge next month. Remember, you are invited to participate in my monthly challenge or create your own and tell me about it! Also, if you find better ways to accomplish a monthly challenge, please drop me a comment. Good luck, fellow TLC-ers!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Now, you all know me as "twinmama". This is something that I really enjoy. I just love being known by this - the mama of twins. Like most babies, my girls called me "mama" first.

I fell in love with it.

After all, "mama' is the sweet, innocent way babies call out for that woman who feeds them, changes them, loves them and plays with them. "Mama" is the first word used by our children to show they know who we are. That to me is very special and I wish that I could be called mama forever.

But nobody else seemed to go along with this. Everyone around me started referring to me as "mommy" so naturally the girls went from calling me "mama" to "mommy".

Okay. No big deal. "Mommy" is really sweet, too. Little ones usually say "mommy" so this is an accepted name for my occupation. I will embrace it because they will call me "mommy" for a long time and that is special...

A couple of days ago, Jelly Bean ran right by me and called me....."MOM". She has said it several times since.

What the? Uh, hello? Where in the world did that come from.....WHO'S BEEN CALLING ME MOM??

You may think, "Well, twinmama you are a mom, so what is the big deal?"

The big deal is that I call MY mom, MOM. I am 25.....fine....31 years old. (All of my family and friends are smirking as they read this..."You are going to be 32 in a couple weeks, twinmama, you could have rounded up." Well, this is my blog and it is acceptable here to round down when it comes to age.)

Anyway, I digress...

Where did this come from? Next week, am I going to be referred to as "Mother"? Perhaps by my first name or just a "Hey you, lady."

When my brother was 4 or 5 years old, he decided that he would start calling my Dad by his first name. Some people in my extended family thought it was downright offensive and thought he should have been punished. My Dad took it in stride and didn't make a big deal about it. No special attention was given to the matter and in less than one week, my brother started calling him "Dad" again.

So, I know what I need to do. I need to not make a big deal about it and continue referring to myself as "mommy" or "mama" and hope that she will come back around.

Otherwise, she is grown up enough to get a job. (And she's too short for a cash register and doesn't know enough words to work in customer service, so unless she goes into show business, she is better off to remember that she is only 2 years old and it is time for her to act like it!)

Whew...I'm not bitter. Really....But....

While I am on the subject and since our holiday is approaching soon (May 10th), how about we rename it to "Mommy's Day"? Or maybe we can personalize it to our own situation...mine will be called "Twinmama's Day".

"Mother's Day" seems so without hugs or kisses or being silly with our kids. It seems so "don't forget to wash behind your ears" or "just wait until your father comes home".

No matter what happens, I know that Jelly Bean will continue to need me for a long time. And I guess it is more important to be needed and wanted than it is to be addressed by a particular name. I know that deep down. I just need to tell my selfish self to get over it. I will still be there for them even when they don't want my help because that is just who I am.

And even though I call my mom, "Mom", I know deep down there will always be a time when I will need my "Mommy", too.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The State of TLC09

So, after my post last week and how it is time to re-prioritize stuff around here, you might have been wondering what in the world happened to Twinmama's Lifestyle Challenge. Never fear, it will return! In fact, it will be back this Sunday, but there is one major change to it. Instead of being a weekly challenge, it will now be monthly challenges.

I figure 52 new things to do in a year is pretty rough and the most realistic success rate for something like that is 5-10%. So, let's say we all were able to accomplish, say 10% of the tasks, then that would be about 5 of the challenges. Hmm...that just doesn't seem to be enough.

Instead, I will post a new challenge the first Sunday of every month and we will have a full month to practice it. This will make the challenges more do-able and help us to get into a "habit" of doing the new task. (I read somewhere that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit, so this schedule will fit right into it.)

So, sit tight and on Sunday, we will get back on that saddle! Can't wait!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dr. twinmama

In my family, I wear a lot of hats, but today I added another talent to my growing list of impressive skills as Chief Officer of Nurturing Eternal Souls. I am now Head Stuffed Animal Surgeon.

Yesterday, I came across a strange little plastic ball that resembled a bead. I didn't recognize what it was for quite awhile, but then it dawned on me that one of the stuffed animals had sprung a leak and was pooping beads all over the floor. There were several possible culprits since we could probably set up our own stuffed animal exhibit and charge the public to go on the tour.

Throughout the day, our brood of stuff animals had gone from the bedroom to the sunroom windows. Yesterday was the first 80 degree weather here in over 200 hundred days and all the windows were open. The girls loved being able to line up their little furry friends inside the window sills. From other parts of the house, I could look out the window and see the little backsides of a dog, pig, tiger, bear, monkey, etc. They thought it was fun. I thought it was a good chance for those little furballs to air out.

Two of the stuffed animals - Pig & Tiger - in particular have recently risen up the ranks as being an important part of the girl's lives. Jelly Bean has Bear who can never be replaced (Bear probably deserves his own post.) Peanut is quite smitten with her Bear who looks just like Jelly Bean's Bear, but there are differences and the girls know them. There are other friends who are well loved like the two Curious Georges, baby dolls and few odd stuffed animals like a turtle, frog and fish. (Mostly Peanut's favorites. Seriously, nothing else compares to Bear when it comes to Jelly Bean.)

Pig is Peanut's new BFF and Tiger is Jelly Bean's. Tiger may be more of a pet for Bear since Jelly Bean kind of dotes on Bear. Regardless, she has fallen for that striped cat and he is part of the Jelly Bean posse.

With all this said, Pig & Tiger have been playing hard core around here lately and unfortunately neither one could handle it. They are losing their marbles literally. (I understand what they are going through.) So, this morning as the girls woke up and went to play with these toys, I noticed the awful truth that they were injured. I had to take the beloved toys away from my girls. Panic set in.

"My pig! My pig!"

"No, mommy! Jelly Bean's tiger."

This was an all out emergency. I quickly ran upstairs to look for my sewing kit while I reminded myself that it had been a long time since I had put a needle and thread to anything. Could I actually fix the poor creatures? There was only one way to find out.

"Girls, Pig & Tiger need surgery. Mommy needs to make them better. They are sick."

I waited for the protests, but instead I got two very understanding little girls. Huh. Didn't think that would work...

I went into the kitchen away from the girls and started on Pig. He had a rip down his back. I first decided to fish out all of those little beads just in case he was ever re-injured in the same spot. I switched up his back carefully making sure there were no holes left. It wasn't the best job - no sewing or craft blogger would have been impressed, but it solved the problem. I presented Pig to Peanut.

"He came through surgery okay. He's a little groggy, but he's going to make it."

Peanut happily accepted him and ran off to find a window to stick him in.

Next, I inspected Tiger. He was much worse off which is surprising because he has been played with the least. Nevertheless, I stitched up his back after a good bead liposuction. Jelly Bean & Bear were waiting anxiously for their little friend.

"Well, Jelly Bean, Tiger is going to have a scar, but otherwise he is doing fine. Lots of hugs and kisses and he should be back to his old self very soon."

Jelly Bean planted a kiss on Tiger's forehead and off she went.

As I packed up my sewing kit, I thought about when I was a kid and how much I enjoyed my stuffed animals and dolls. I had several much loved furry friends that saw a lot of play time as a young child. These are usually our first friends in life and a gateway into the world of the imagination. We take them everywhere, have them experience the same adventures as us and use them to practice things on. (Jelly Bean yelled at Curious George today for being up on top of the cabinet. "Get down, George!" Interesting, she was just reprimanded for the same thing.)

Since children learn by watching us, it only seems reasonable they would need someone or something to practice on. Since their twin sister is usually not very cooperative because she is trying to do the same thing, naturally their abiding little fur-friends do the trick.

What's the most important thing they could practice on these inanimate objects?

Well, I believe it is loving and caring for something other than themselves. They have so much done for them at this age and as two year olds are naturally selfish little people, it is refreshing to see them trying to put a diaper on Pig or wheel Bear around in the wagon. I want them to learn love and affection and be the best person a friend, sister or husband could ask for. I want them to be the type of people that other's could call on to help them in their time of need. Lovingly. Unconditional.

If only every problem could be fixed with a needle and thread! Maybe it seemed really insignificant, but to those little girls I brought their friends back to them. The problem was solved and they were happy.

Maybe the next major twinfamily dilemma won't be as easy to fix, but in any case I think as long as I remember what's at stake then I will be ready to give it my best shot.

After all, I'm the mom.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Plates & Priorities

A few weeks ago, I hit a wall. A very large, probably brick, no wait...CONCRETE WITH STEEL REINFORCEMENTS wall. It kind of hurt. After rubbing the bump on my head, I realized that I just couldn't do it all anymore and had to throw something overboard for a time to get my priorities realigned. Guess what that was? You got it...I ditched the bloggy world.

Okay, I'm sorry! I didn't break up with you all! I really do love you all very much, but this twinmama was spread pretty thin and I had to figure out my schedule. Just like most moms, I have God to glorify, daughters to raise, a husband to love, a house to clean, family and friends' relationships to nurture and a job to work. That doesn't leave much "me" time at all.

So, you can say, that my plate cracked. I loaded it and loaded it and finally it couldn't withstand anymore weight.

Blogging has become one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy writing very much and being able to chronicle my twin girls' lives is something that I really cherish.

Recently, I learned about a young mother who lost her life after being sick for awhile. I did not know her, but a friend of mine did. I was made aware that she had a blog of her own. As I visited her blog to find out more about her. I discovered she wrote and photographed her little boy's life with enthusiasm and introspect. I looked at her pictures and the sweet captions she wrote about her precious son and I cried.

Her son has the most precious gift in the world. He will always know how his mother felt about him. He knows because he can read it for himself. She took the time to journal his experiences. Experiences that he won't remember since he is so young, but he can see with his own eyes and not rely on someone else to try to recall to him.

A mother remembers details that even a father could never begin to remember. Why? Simply put, women are more detailed and mothers study their children. We have this insatiable need to count every hair of our precious babies in amazement. We get it honestly. In Matthew 10:30, it says, "But the very hairs of your head are all numbered." God knows every detail of each one of his children and I believe that He builds this desire in mothers, too.

As I wiped away my tears, it occurred to me that I really missed writing in my blog. I appreciate everyone who is reading my blog and I enjoy reading all of your blogs, too, but what I miss is writing about my favorite subject in the world! I want my children to know that I am watching them and taking notes on this fleeting thing called childhood. I want them to know, should anything ever happen to me, that I paid attention. They need to know that everything they do is of significance. And most important of all, they need to know how much I love them.

So, that old broken plate of mine? I threw it out. Time to re-prioritize.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Week Eleven: How Did It Go?

Sorry, folks! The girls and I went to visit my mom this week and we are just getting back into the swing of things here at home. (Twingrandma does not have internet access so it was truly a vacation!)

Last week's challenge is very difficult! I will just need to keep working through limiting my sodium intake.

Week Twelve...cue Mission: Impossible music...

Category?: Personal

What?: Eliminate a stressor! It's that time again to pick another stressor for the list and take steps to tackle it!

Why?: Stress is a nasty little thing that corrodes our physical and mental well being as well as causes strife in our relationships.

How Do We Go About Doing the Challenge?:
Like most people, I have some things that just make me crazy. I will pick one and concentrate on fixing it. Instead of being on the defensive, I will go to the source of the problem. I will pick something that I have the ability to control or cause change.

Who Does the Challenge Include?: Me

Resources to Help:

TLC Weekly Challenges start on Mondays and continue indefinitely. I will post my results along with the following challenge next Sunday. Remember, you are invited to participate in my weekly challenge or create your own and tell me about it! Also, if you find better ways to accomplish a weekly challenge, please drop me a comment. Good luck, fellow TLC-ers!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ah, Dinosaur!

There are a couple dinosaurs running around my house these days. No, they aren't the dogs. They are two cute, little two year olds who have discovered that imagination and play is really, really fun. I may be a little guilty for starting it, but Peanut and Jelly Bean have embraced it.

And it is so cute.

The girls have been pretending more and more. Of course, we have several toy phones the girls like to walk around with and pretend they are talking. Jelly Bean will have pretty in depth conversations with her pretend friend on the other end of the phone and I have heard mommy, dadda, sissy, grandma, papaw and nana mentioned on several occasions. She is talking about us and I sure hope it is all good stuff since I don't know everything she is saying. She is so good at mimicking that even her mannerisms sound like me when I am on the phone...scary.

Also, they really like to mimic everything that twindada and I do which is cute and unnerving all at the same time. Do we always want them to do what we want? (Well, that all depends on if we are doing good things of course.)

One day, it became clear to us that Peanut really had a thing for dinosaurs. I don't really understand why because we don't have any toy dinosaurs and we don't talk about them often. The only time she has seen dinosaurs is on cartoons and in her coloring books, but she has really taken to them. (I asked her the other day if she wanted to watch Jurassic Park and she nodded her head, but I will spare her. She doesn't know what she is agreeing to watch! That movie still scares me and I have seen it several times!)

As Peanut began to point to dinosaurs and say, "Si-saur", I would ask her what dinosaurs say. "Errr!" she would chime back. I thought it was cute. Now we know what dinosaurs say, along with cows and dogs and chickens, etc. Cool.

But then, the unimaginable happened. I was playing with the girls one day and I turned to Peanut who had transformed into an actual dinosaur. Her face was all scrunched up and with her laughing eyes twinkling, yet serious, she started "Err-ing" at me. I shook with fear and asked, "Are you a dinosaur?" She wouldn't let up and her growling got even worse. "Errrr!"

I ran. Jelly Bean ran. I shrieked, "Ah, dinosaur!" as Peanut chased me all over the house. I couldn't believe it. My sweet, beautiful baby was now a ferocious dinosaur...what was I going to do? She had me cornered when she spotted her sister and ran after Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean ran around yelling, "Ah, di-saur!"

This went on for a few moments until suddenly Peanut caught up with Jelly Bean and Peanut ceased being the dinosaur and was now running away from Jelly Bean yelling, "Ah, si-saur!" Jelly Bean's eyes showed all the dinosaur fury that Peanut once had and began chasing us around giving us her best growling dinosaur interpretation. She chased us all over.

Finally, Peanut and I were safely away from the dinosaur. However, things weren't quite over. Suddenly I felt myself transform into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and I started going "Errrrrr!!" while I walked around the house looking for someone to chase. And I found what I was looking for.

Two sweet, little girls were in my sights and as I chased them around the living room, they screamed, giggled and shouted, "Ah, si-saur!" Finally I caught up with them and grabbed them both and preceded to tickle them into a fit of belly giggles. As soon as I was holding my little duo in my arms, the dinosaur in me departed and the mom emerged once again.

Ah, I love being a mom.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

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Week Ten: How Did It Go?

Wow, what a difference a couple weeks can make! Two weeks ago, I thought I was on my deathbed. Finally by this past Tuesday, I started feeling better. It was amazing to feel the combination of feeling better and not drinking caffeine not only made me feel better, but it lifted my mood and I was racing about this house getting stuff done. (Which was good since the house was looking a little rough.) What a difference. I have to admit, the caffeine withdrawal was super tough on me. I felt weak, irritable and sluggish, but once I got through it (it took a few days) and got rid of the cold and cough, too, I am a new woman!

So, what else can I tweak in my diet? Let's see...

Week Eleven...cue Mission: Impossible music...

Category?: Personal/Family

What?: Consider sodium. It is time to get serious about lowering my sodium intake. There are many complications that can occur by consuming so many salty foods on a daily basis and I need to be aware of what my family is consuming, too.

Sodium is tricky. There are so many types of food including so-called "diet" foods that have high levels of sodium in them. (You know, remove fat and well, taste, they have to add something to make it edible!) Frozen, diet meals are notorious for this! The USDA (see resource link below) recommends about 2300 mg or 1 teaspoon per day and suggest that most Americans consume an average of 5000 mg a day! Too much sodium can cause high blood pressure.

How Do We Go About Doing the Challenge?: According to (see resource link below), 77% of our sodium intake is estimated to come from processed or prepared foods. you want to start there? We will limit the amount of processed foods - sauces, pre-packaged "dinner kits", frozen meals and processed snacks (this includes "sweet" items, they have salt, too.) Also, we will consider doing some research about our favorite places to dine out and see if we can obtain nutrition guidelines. We will still allow the occasional treats out to those really yummy places, but by eating healthier at home and regularly, we can enjoy the occasional trip to our favorite Texas BBQ restaurant (it's sooo good) and not feel guilty for it.

Who Does the Challenge Include?: The whole twinfamily.

Resources to Help:

TLC Weekly Challenges start on Mondays and continue indefinitely. I will post my results along with the following challenge next Sunday. Remember, you are invited to participate in my weekly challenge or create your own and tell me about it! Also, if you find better ways to accomplish a weekly challenge, please drop me a comment. Good luck, fellow TLC-ers!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This post is part of a series titled "Twinmama's Lifestyle Challenge". For more information about how the challenge works, please visit related links here and here.

Week Nine: How Did It Go?

This week was filled with lots of illness, so I didn't quite get this challenge off the ground completely. I did manage to drag myself out of bed most of the days to do at least one load of laundry since we would have been in trouble and twindada was much too busy doing everything else plus trying to manage his business. I say the laundry challenge is definitely a keeper though - I did one load a day and it is quite manageable. I also like how it eliminates some stress not seeing the laundry basket start to overflow and running out of essentials like wash clothes (we have a lot of dirty faces around here), shirts and pajamas.

Week Ten...cue Mission: Impossible music...

Category?: Personal

What?: Step away from the hard stuff! No, I am not talking about beer or liquor. I am talking about my nemesis - caffeine. Much to my dismay, I can't consume it. It is time to eliminate caffeine from my daily liquids.

Much like medicine, when taken daily our bodies start to crave it and need it to function. This not much different than alcohol, too. Caffeine makes me jittery and active for a few hours and then I crash from its affects and this slows me down throughout the day. When I crash, I will often look for ways to boost my energy level again and this includes more caffeine or eating sugary foods. Since sugary foods add unnecessary calories and fat, this can be a real problem, too.

How Do We Go About Doing the Challenge?: I will not have any caffeinated beverages in the house whatsoever so that I am not tempted by them. Also, I will choose to order drinks that do not contain caffeine when we are out eating. I will also read labels before consuming certain food and medicine products that may contain caffeine. (For example, Midol contains enough caffeine to be the equivalent of one cup of coffee. That is how the drug fixes the fatigue symptom.)

*I am going to eliminate it completely from week one, but others who choose to follow this challenge may need to phase it out in baby steps. Also, keep in mind there is a withdrawal period for caffeine that usually lasts between 2-9 days and includes symptoms like fatigue/sluggishness, headaches and depressed mood.

Who Does the Challenge Include?: Me!

Resources to Help:

TLC Weekly Challenges start on Mondays and continue indefinitely. I will post my results along with the following challenge next Sunday. Remember, you are invited to participate in my weekly challenge or create your own and tell me about it! Also, if you find better ways to accomplish a weekly challenge, please drop me a comment. Good luck, fellow TLC-ers!

Friday, March 6, 2009

March Came in Like a Lion

And I do not mean the weather. Today it is a mild day here in the Midwest and the weather is supposed to be quite pleasant this weekend.

But inside Twinland, a storm started brewing last weekend and it came down upon us with all its fury and no remorse.

First Peanut's nose started running. No big deal, all I had to do was chase her around with tissues and wrestle her to the ground. Wash my hands like crazy, wash her hands like crazy and spray things down with disinfectant. All in a day's work. Then, by Sunday, she started going quite hoarse and my once, high pitched squeaky voiced Peanut (it's really a sweet little voice, if you ask me) was now ready to belt out some Nat King Cole number. Though it wasn't "A Wonderful World" when...

Monday, Jelly Bean's nose started running. Okay, now I have two little princesses to chase around with a box of royal tissues. I am at your beck and call, your highnesses. No sweat, we just went through this a couple of months ago and survived. It will be okay. But, wait! There is a twist this time...

Tuesday morning, I wake up and feel like I was hit by a car. I spent several hours in the wee hours coughing and congested. By the morning alarm, my throat was sore and swollen, coughing, congested and had a headache that made me want to pull my eyeballs out of their sockets. (Okay, I know you didn't need that visualization, but we try to be quite real here at Bringing Up Twins.) I could barely stand up from all the congestion and so I stumbled upstairs to twindada's office and said, "I am very sick. You have to watch the girls so I can go to bed."

I haven't laid in bed since I was on bedrest over two years ago. It was a very strange feeling.

Twindada did not grumble or try to argue with me which was awesome. He immediately filled in and took care of the girls the entire day so that I could rest. Peanut was doing better, but we decided to be on stand by as to whether she could go to the doctor to have her ears checked. Jelly Bean seemed to be doing fine with just a minor runny nose. I just thought that tomorrow would be a better day, but...

Wednesday came and I felt even worse. Peanut was doing okay, but had a meltdown in the afternoon. She is usually a very happy-go-lucky little girl, so for her to be so moody, made us concerned that she could have infected ears. We made an appointment for her to go the doctor the next day. Things would be definitely better tomorrow for all of us...right?

Thursday came and twindada took Peanut to her appointment. He came home saying that she was fine and just needed to ride out her cold. I continued to feel bad, but decided to ride this virus out, too. Okay, we would just have to suck it up and everyone would be better in a week or so. Just when I thought that all of our questions were answered, Jelly Bean woke up from her nap with watery, gooky green eyes and a dark welt under one of them.

I decided to call the phone nurse instead of making an appointment. After all, we had just been there that morning with Peanut. Here is the jist of the conversation...

"My daughter has green, gooky stuff on and around her eyes and was wondering at what point should we bring her in?" (twinmama)

"Is her eyes red?" (phone nurse)

"They are a little bloodshot, but not too bad. However, if looks like she was punched in one of her eyes. There is a dark spot under the eye." (twinmama)

"There's your answer, then. That sounds like conjunctivitis. We need to see her." (phone nurse)

Jelly Bean has pink eye in both eyes. The phone nurse connected me with the appointment desk and within twenty minutes twindada had Jelly Bean at the pediatrician's office and they saw the same doctor as him and Peanut. She was prescribed an antibiotic - they are eye drops that we have to put in her eyes three times a day for seven days. Ever put eye drops in a two year old? It is kind of like putting eye drops in an octopus. As I am holding her arms down at her sides and holding her head still, twindada has to pry open her tightly squeezed eye while quickly putting a tiny drop into the eye without missing all while trying to dodge the feet that are trying to kick him. It's a lot of fun. Really.

Now, a tired twindada came home and got the girls settled while I helped the little I could and then he made dinner. I managed to get the dishes washed while he took care of the girls and then I crashed and he put the girls to bed. I was exhausted and I could only imagine how exhausted he was. Friday we will all be on the mend, we just have to be...

Well, I am happy to report that the girls seem to be doing great today. Both of them have been running around playing like crazy on their toy cars, coloring and running around the house being active toddlers. Twindada has continued to do everything for them and they have learned to really rely on him like they do with me.

As for me? I woke up with a fever and have been dealing with a cold "breaking up" all day. It isn't pretty, but I hope it means I am on the mend, too, as I am tired of being away from my girls and my husband. I really miss them and I don't like lying in bed while my family is bustling around the house.

March has definitely come in like a lion here in Twinland! It has been a crazy week of illness, doctors appointments and hand washing, but there my hero came through for me and my creator made it all possible. Twindada has been an absolute rock this week and he is SuperMan & Mr. Mom all wrapped into one awesome package. The Lord sustained him and kept him healthy through all of this and we are so grateful! Twindada has never complained once about all the work he has been doing and he has been doing everything! I sent him an email from my bed thanking him for all of his hard work and he wrote back while the girls were napping. Here is a snippet...

"Thanks for being such a rock this week. I seriously don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been home. It was really a blessing." (twinmama)

"You're welcome. That's what I'm here for. A husband and a father. Signed up for the good and bad ;)" (twindada)

I think I married pretty well...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This post is part of a series titled "Twinmama's Lifestyle Challenge". For more information about how the challenge works, please visit related links here and here.

Week Eight: How Did It Go?

It was interesting to see how long it really takes me to perform certain tasks and how just a little bit of a commitment on a daily basis really helped to reduce much longer weekly chores. I plan on continuing to time my daily and weekly chores and put them into a schedule so they can be done on a regular basis and not interfere with my time with the girls, twindada and my job.

Week Nine...cue Mission: Impossible music...

Category?: Family

What?: Tame the laundry beast! After timing my chores last week, it has come to my attention that one of my time wasters is laundry. I need to focus on doing a little bit every day so that it doesn't pile up causing me to spend a large amount of time on it later in the week.

Seeing laundry piled up in different spots is stressful! Plus, I am tired of going through a clean basket of clothes looking for something in particular. I have gotten myself into a bad habit of getting overwhelmed by the large amounts of laundry every week.

How Do We Go About Doing the Challenge?: Every morning, I will wash one load of laundry. I will do the laundry as early in the day as possible so that I do not wait until the afternoon when things get busy. I will wash, dry, fold and put away that one load of laundry and will not be tempted to do more. Eventually, I will only have one load of laundry every day and will work in towels, sheets and bedding as appropriate. Also, I will be mindful of clothing that doesn't have to be washed right away and hang up anything that can be worn again before washing.

Who Does the Challenge Include?: Me! (And the washer and dryer.)

Resources to Help:

TLC Weekly Challenges start on Mondays and continue indefinitely. I will post my results along with the following challenge next Sunday. Remember, you are invited to participate in my weekly challenge or create your own and tell me about it! Also, if you find better ways to accomplish a weekly challenge, please drop me a comment. Good luck, fellow TLC-ers!