Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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Here we go again!

I am definitely out of practice putting up these challenges as I completely forgot about posting on Sunday. Go figure. Anyway, like I mentioned before, TLC challenges will now be monthly challenges and will be posted at the beginning (or sometime around the beginning) of each month. I am just going to blame my mommy brain. I am sure you understand.

May Challenge...cue Mission: Impossible music...

Category?: Personal

What?: Cut out the late night eating! I will not eat anything after a certain time each night.

Why?: Getting the munchies at night can be a detriment to our weight, finances and our energy. Salty or sugary snacks add loads of calories to our daily diet and are typically a temporary satisfaction. Unless protein is involved, there is no sense of fulfillment. In our house, the snack of choice can be ice cream. Quick runs to a ice cream shop or the store can be costly over a period of time. There is much debate over whether night time eating causes people to gain weight so here is twinmama's take on it: It is the amount of overall daily calories consumed that is important to control. Eating right before bed, may not cause weight increases if your overall calorie/fat intake for the day is within a normal range. However, if you are like me and eat plenty throughout the day to hit your target, late night eating will put you OVER your maximum number of calories/fat allowed causing weight increase. Also, many people choose poor snack choices in the evening (ice cream, chips, cookies, candy, etc.) and these are loaded with unnecessary sugar and salt. All of that extra sugar will deplete our energy. (And this twinmama's theory is we will suffer the very next day for it.)

How Do We Go About Doing the Challenge?:
I will pick a time that fits into my evening schedule and will not have anything to eat after at this time. For me, this time will be 7pm. I can have all the water that I want.

Who Does the Challenge Include?: Me

Resources to Help:


TLC Weekly Challenges start each month and continue indefinitely. I will post my results along with the following challenge next month. Remember, you are invited to participate in my monthly challenge or create your own and tell me about it! Also, if you find better ways to accomplish a monthly challenge, please drop me a comment. Good luck, fellow TLC-ers!


glitzen said...

Aha! Good one. I used to NEVER eat after seven pm. I had read the book "Fit for Life" and put the tips from it into practice. I sure felt great, lots of energy in the morning, didn't drag out of bed, etc.
Now, I usually won't eat after 9. I should go back to seven.....so tell me how good you feel after you do it awhile, k?? Inspire me!

Helene said...

You know, you're really onto something here. I once saw on Oprah how she stopped eating by like 6:30 pm or something like that and she attributed that to a lot of her weight loss success. So I started doing it too and I was surprised at how much weight I lost by just doing that, and then adding in exercise on top of that...the weight came off fast.

Unfortuantely though I've gotten out of that habit and I've begun snacking late in the evening after the kids are in bed. So I'll have to borrow some of your motivation, if you don't mind!!

When you have a chance, be sure to stop by my blog and check out the fun art contest/giveaway I'm hosting!!

Helene said...

I just saw your question on my blog regarding your girls' wooden table and yes that definitely counts as art!!! I'm so excited that you are going to participate in the contest!