Friday, June 22, 2012

Where Does the Day Go?

I am very ambitious. I can set out each morning with a list in hand ready to scratch everything off of it. I imagine that I can get a ton of work done for my job, I can entertain and stimulate the children with activities and meaningful memories that will last them a lifetime, and I can accomplish all the housework and errands that need to be done.

What? Isn't there 40 hours in a day? That's okay, I just need six more hours. That should do it.

Seriously, folks, I cannot begin to tell you where the day goes. I sit down to work in the mornings while the girls play and the baby naps. Check. When my work hours are over, I prepare lunch for everyone. Check.

Suddenly, the rest of the afternoon is a blur. I might actually black out. I am not sure.

From the hours of 1pm to 5pm, I literally think my life is like that movie, Click, starring Adam Sandler. Someone has a remote control of my life and they hit fast forward every afternoon.

By the time my husband comes home from work, there is still laundry to fold, dinner is still not ready, and that list sits with only a few scratches to show for. (Luckily he doesn't judge as he has recognized that going to work is far easier than wrangling three little girls all day.)

I need a new strategy, but I am afraid to say that I don't have time to figure one out.

Please, somebody remove the batteries from the remote!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The 2 Month Check Up

In April, we welcomed Bitsy into the family. She was born weighing 8 lbs and 6 oz and was 21 inches long. In contrast, Peanut and Jelly Bean were both around 19 inches long and were a little over 4 lbs each.(They were born six weeks early. Bitsy was born two days after her due date.) In fact, if you added up their weight it totaled 8 lbs and 7 oz. Apparently this is about all I can carry until it is time for delivery.

Having a full term baby versus preemies has certainly been eye opening for me. Things that I remember the twins could not do, Bitsy is sailing through at such a young age. Right from the moment she was born, she was alert. Preemies are often not alert at all and mine were no exception. They normally seemed sleepy and grimaced a lot which is common in premature babies.

Trying to get them to eat was challenging, too. They would often fall asleep during a feeding and I would have to wake them up or patiently wait for them to stir. Feedings could take a very long time. Bitsy, on the other hand, is very eager to eat and has a regular schedule. She takes her time eating like her sisters, but after feeding preemies it really doesn't bother me to wait for her to slowly drink her bottle like it is a fine wine.

The one milestone though that has made all the difference this time around was sleeping through the night. From the first night, Bitsy only woke up once to eat. By five weeks, she has been sleeping through the night. This is such an amazing gift especially after the sleepless nights with twin babies!

Yesterday was Bitsy's 2 month appointment and the dreaded series of shots that I worried would render the day useless with a very upset little baby. Although she received five shots and another medication squirted in her mouth, after the initial wailing she calmed down and was actually fine. The doctor also asked me questions to see if she has hit some basic 2 month baby milestones. Some examples are:

- Is she sleeping through the night?
- Does she lock into people, particularly mom?
- Does she hold on to my finger?
- Does she smile?

It was amazing to be able to answer "yes" to every question. And I look forward to the future milestones she will accomplish. Full term babies definitely have an easier time in general (granted they are healthy) than premature babies. However, it is important to note that even though preemies can be behind in their development out of the gate, it is equally as amazing to see that both preemies and full termers seem to finish the same by around age two. To look at Peanut and Jelly Bean now at the age of five, it is hard to believe they were ever that little and are happy, healthy, and smart girls.    

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Testing the Kindergarten Waters

Peanut and Jelly Bean have spent two years in our church's preschool program. It was a wonderful experience for them. I have stayed home with them since they were babies so they desperately needed some socialization. Within the first year the girls were out of their shells mostly and making friends.

Preschool taught them many lessons like how to behave in a group setting, listening to other adults, social skills, utilizing school supplies, faith based lessons, and Kindergarten readiness.

Recently, I registered them for Kindergarten and scheduled their assessments. Trying to explain to them what an assessment was proved to be a little interesting. I told them it was like a test. This would have been a fine answer if they knew what a test was. So, I explained that the teacher is going to ask them questions to see what they know.

Today I decided that I would show them what a test was all about. I wanted to make sure they could write all their lowercase letters since I noticed there were some they both still struggled to remember. I created two separate tests. Each test had 10 uppercase letters with a space next to each where they needed to write in the lowercase letter.

The girl's reaction to the test they were given was as unique as the girls themselves.

Peanut immediately sat down happily filling in an answer on every blank. A couple of times she tried to get my help and I had to explain that it was a test and I couldn't help her. She flew through the test and presented it to me. She got 6 out of 10 correct. I showed her how to write the ones she missed and had her sit down and practice them.

Jelly Bean sat quietly working on her test. She took her time...a long time. I patiently waited. Suddenly, she jumped up and ran off to her room. I followed her and found her freaking out over it. She looked at me and cried out, "I don't remember how to do a g!" Her very first test ever and the girl was STRESSED. So, I had to convince her to finish it doing her best. She finally agreed and got 8 out of 10 correct.

They both worked on their missed letters.

Peanut wrote out each one and they were done correctly. She did each one once and was ready to play.

Jelly Bean wrote out her missed lowercase letters along with her uppercase letters and then added for good measure all numbers 1-10. I never told her about extra credit, but I think she was trying to earn some. I think I found the overachiever in the family. Please, nobody tell her about grading on a curve!

I didn't realize today that my little test would show me way more than just lowercase letters.

Monday, June 11, 2012

How I Have Missed Thee

We're coming back! After a very long time away, I have decided to resurrect this very website. For real this time! There is so much to tell and a lot to share that I have learned. Most importantly though if I don't have a creative space to unleash my happiness and hardships then I am going to burst!

Here is a quick summary of what we have been up to in Twinland:

  • Peanut and Jelly Bean are five years old and are starting Kindergarten in August.
  • In April, we had a new addition - a SINGLETON! Our new baby girl will be called Bitsy on the site. (If you are keeping track that makes three girls.) Big sisters are thrilled to have their new baby sister.
  • Twindada started a new job last summer that has been an absolute blessing. After several turbulent years, things seem to be smoothing out.
  • I have been a stay at home mom for five years and a WAHM (work at home mom) for 3 1/2 years. I love being a mommy and having a fun job that helps contribute to the family budget. 
  •  Our dog, Blayney is almost eleven years old and has become a closer part of our family over the past year since the passing of our other dog, Sydney. Blayney is great with the girls and they love her.

What I would like to write about:

  • Peanut, Jelly Bean, and Bitsy of course! (They are saying some seriously funny stuff these days.) 
  • Raising twins, baby care, parenting info
  • Bitsy - The differences in bringing up twins versus bringing up a singleton. 
  • Things I love - products, websites, places.
  • Deals, free samples, coupon codes, etc.
 So stay tuned!