Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Preschool

Peanut & Jelly Bean headed back to preschool today. They were off for two weeks during the Christmas break. There were some mixed emotions about going back, but once they walked into their classroom they were just fine.

I knew it was time for them to get back to their routine. While we planned several fun outings for them and enjoyed the time visiting family and friends during the holidays, they needed to hang out with their pals.

They really do love school. I am very happy with the preschool, teachers, and administrative staff where they go. It really is a great place and we are lucky to be there.

The girls have learned to pray before their meals and Jelly Bean insists on praying before dinner. I am glad for this. We should be doing it anyway and now the girls are reminding us so that we properly thank God for our meals.

Their preschool is held at our church, so the transition in the Fall into preschool was quite easy. They already attended Sunday School, so heading there during the week was easy for them.

Starting this month, they will also attend Wednesday night service where they will participate in the AWANA program. It is new to our church and it should be a great time for them filled with God's word and fellowship.

Twindada and I will also take a class at the same time as their class on Wednesday nights. I am hoping the time together will bring us even closer this year as we prepare for what the Lord has in store for us.