Monday, March 16, 2009

Ah, Dinosaur!

There are a couple dinosaurs running around my house these days. No, they aren't the dogs. They are two cute, little two year olds who have discovered that imagination and play is really, really fun. I may be a little guilty for starting it, but Peanut and Jelly Bean have embraced it.

And it is so cute.

The girls have been pretending more and more. Of course, we have several toy phones the girls like to walk around with and pretend they are talking. Jelly Bean will have pretty in depth conversations with her pretend friend on the other end of the phone and I have heard mommy, dadda, sissy, grandma, papaw and nana mentioned on several occasions. She is talking about us and I sure hope it is all good stuff since I don't know everything she is saying. She is so good at mimicking that even her mannerisms sound like me when I am on the phone...scary.

Also, they really like to mimic everything that twindada and I do which is cute and unnerving all at the same time. Do we always want them to do what we want? (Well, that all depends on if we are doing good things of course.)

One day, it became clear to us that Peanut really had a thing for dinosaurs. I don't really understand why because we don't have any toy dinosaurs and we don't talk about them often. The only time she has seen dinosaurs is on cartoons and in her coloring books, but she has really taken to them. (I asked her the other day if she wanted to watch Jurassic Park and she nodded her head, but I will spare her. She doesn't know what she is agreeing to watch! That movie still scares me and I have seen it several times!)

As Peanut began to point to dinosaurs and say, "Si-saur", I would ask her what dinosaurs say. "Errr!" she would chime back. I thought it was cute. Now we know what dinosaurs say, along with cows and dogs and chickens, etc. Cool.

But then, the unimaginable happened. I was playing with the girls one day and I turned to Peanut who had transformed into an actual dinosaur. Her face was all scrunched up and with her laughing eyes twinkling, yet serious, she started "Err-ing" at me. I shook with fear and asked, "Are you a dinosaur?" She wouldn't let up and her growling got even worse. "Errrr!"

I ran. Jelly Bean ran. I shrieked, "Ah, dinosaur!" as Peanut chased me all over the house. I couldn't believe it. My sweet, beautiful baby was now a ferocious dinosaur...what was I going to do? She had me cornered when she spotted her sister and ran after Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean ran around yelling, "Ah, di-saur!"

This went on for a few moments until suddenly Peanut caught up with Jelly Bean and Peanut ceased being the dinosaur and was now running away from Jelly Bean yelling, "Ah, si-saur!" Jelly Bean's eyes showed all the dinosaur fury that Peanut once had and began chasing us around giving us her best growling dinosaur interpretation. She chased us all over.

Finally, Peanut and I were safely away from the dinosaur. However, things weren't quite over. Suddenly I felt myself transform into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and I started going "Errrrrr!!" while I walked around the house looking for someone to chase. And I found what I was looking for.

Two sweet, little girls were in my sights and as I chased them around the living room, they screamed, giggled and shouted, "Ah, si-saur!" Finally I caught up with them and grabbed them both and preceded to tickle them into a fit of belly giggles. As soon as I was holding my little duo in my arms, the dinosaur in me departed and the mom emerged once again.

Ah, I love being a mom.


Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

LOL!!! That sounds like loads of fun!

Helene said...

Awwww, you are the best mom! You always have such fun with your girls!! Garrett and Landon are just now starting to use their imaginations to turn themselves into various animals (though they aren't as creative as dinosaurs...we've had cows, lions and dogs). It's so much fun to watch them having so much fun!

glitzen said...

How ka-YUTE!!! My niece was so into being a dinosaur when she was three years old, she would not eat or play or answer if you called, unless you said "Dinosaur? Do you want to eat?" and then she would come. She would not answer to her name at all.
The next week, it was piggy. She had to be called Piggy. It was so funny.
Your girls are so cute. I loved this story, and could picture you tackling them and having a big tickle pile. !!

Lisa C. said...

TOOOOO Cute.. I have a bear and a wolf... hehehe

But I Like dinosaurs too.. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Being mom is fun!! My boys at 20 months are just starting pretend play. And I LOVE it. Watching them is amazing.

Jack & Aidan said...

So fun! I can't wait to play dinosaur with the boys!