Monday, March 7, 2016

A Dose of Sunshine

When my girls were in public school, they enjoyed having the occasional day off. The local school district has had several snow days this winter and my girls have asked if they can have the day off as well. While I enjoy a day off like anyone, I simply refused. I figure, if the weather is crummy and we cannot drive anywhere, why bother? Get that schoolwork done during the yucky days so we can take advantage of the warmer, spring weather to come.

And here we are!

Spring is right around the corner and the weather in my area is finally starting to perk up. Actually so am I. I love when the temperature begins to rise, the green outdoors begins to grow, and the sun is out. There is nothing like a dose of sunshine to really perk up the mood.

Winter time is a difficult for many people. Some simply have the "winter blues" while others have depression like Seasonal Affective Disorder. Just going through the normal motions of life and all that is required to get through a day is tough. Throw in homeschooling and it may seem like we bit off way more than we can chew.

This is my second year homeschooling and I have experienced these winter feelings myself. From feeling overwhelmed to straight on anxiety, it is usually about this time in the year that I am questioning what on earth am I doing. The girls also have their days when they are just not into their schoolwork and it is pulling teeth to get anything productive from them during the winter season.

Often, I start questioning whether I am doing this whole homeschooling thing correctly. I can jump into a panic reconsidering all of my curriculum choices, even if they are working well or not.

Certainly, there has to be something better than what we are using?

What if they are not doing enough?

Why can I not inspire them to go beyond what is assigned each day? Can't they take the initiative?

Maybe I wasn't meant to be a homeschool mom...

After I have my winter panic attack, I have found the oddest thing happen: spring comes and everyone gets back into their groove. I see progress. I see enthusiasm. We go out and enjoy those nicer days. There is more lively initiative to finish the year out.

I am learning that homeschool is not simply doing school at home. This is truly a lifestyle. We will have good days and not-so-good days. The point is that they are learning even when we cannot see it. It just takes time to see them bloom.  

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