Sunday, January 18, 2009

This post is part of a series titled "Twinmama's Lifestyle Challenge". For more information about how the challenge works, please visit related links here and here.

Week Two: How Did It Go?

I was able to get up early one day this week before the girls woke up to have quiet time with God and pray. Other times, I spent time in the evenings listening and reflecting on my day. It was very clear to me that the day that I woke up early and spent time with God, I was happier, more patient and more productive throughout the day. This is clearly the way that I need to start my mornings. I will continue to work on getting into a schedule where I can wake up early to devote time to God.

Week Three...cue Mission: Impossible music...

Category?: Health

What?: Time to get water-logged! I will start drinking more water throughout the day and ideally increase my water intake and decrease other liquids that I consume daily. I will not cut out any other liquid at this point, but add in more water before taking out anything else.

Why?: Water keeps us hydrated, helps us to lose weight and satisfies us so that we do not turn to calorie filled beverages like soda or fruit juice. Do you know that sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst? How many times have we gone for a cookie or some chips when we really need a tall glass of water? Try it sometime - it can work!

How Do We Go About Doing the Challenge?: I have a large re-usable water bottle that I will keep filled with fresh, cold water.

Who Does the Challenge Include?: It includes me and my water bottle.

Resources to Help:

Need more reasons to drink water?

TLC Weekly Challenges start on Mondays and continue indefinitely. I will post my results along with the following challenge next Sunday. Remember, you are invited to participate in my weekly challenge or create your own and tell me about it! Also, if you find better ways to accomplish a weekly challenge, please drop me a comment. Good luck, fellow TLC-ers!


Kim said...

This is my kind of health challenge. Drinking water sounds so simple, but when you're addicted to diet Pepsi, it's not as easy as you'd think. I've been wanting to cut out all pop, so your TLC has perfect timing!

Helene said...

I'm one of those wierdos who really enjoys water. I don't really like soda, iced tea (except an occasional diet snapple) or juice. If you're not an avid water lover, I could see how it might be a challenge to make sure you get enough water throughout the day. My husband is addicted to Coke...I don't think he ever drinks water!!

glitzen said...

Good one! I routinely ask my children about their water intake, but I am so neglectful of myself in this area.
And....I am hopelessly addicted to coffee in the AM, but my goal and my hope is to drop this habit stone cold. I take in so much sugar, and have high highs and low lows...not pretty! :)

Relimom said...

That's beautiful that if you start your day early and pray you function much better!

I should do this, but I find it so hard. Sometimes I just crave some more sleep.

Toni said...

This great! I really need to get some alone devotional time!

Water. Now that I am preggers I am trying really hard to get extra water! I like water but sometimes I struggle to get enough daily!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh twins. I use to be a nanny for 2 different families of twins when I was younger. I nannied them (both sets of boys) from birth up to age 2. What a blessing. May you truly enjoy them. God Bless, Robin