Friday, January 2, 2009

TLC Begins This Sunday!

I am so pumped to make some changes this year! I know that I cannot just magically convert my lifestyle and start doing everything at once that I want to do. Therefore, I am going to take it week by week and hopefully can adopt many new, healthful habits in 2009. I believe in the saying, "Slow and steady wins the race" and know that doing small changes will, little by little, make a big difference overall.

Wanna join? It's easy! Just check out my blog every Sunday for the week's new challenge. Here are some reminders on how it all works:

1. Every Sunday, I will post my one new challenge for the week. It will be a small thing that I am either giving up, a habit that I am trying to adopt or a modification to perhaps a previous challenge that needed tweaking (though I hope this is rare.)

2. Challenges will start officially on Monday and continue indefinitely. Even though there is a new challenge each week, the idea is to build on the challenges. Therefore, week 1 challenge continues even when week 2 challenge begins. I am trying to build habits and make small changes that will produce effective results for overall goals.

3. Bringing Up Twins readers are invited to participate in the challenges each week or follow their own challenge. I know my goals may not be the same as others, so if you would like to be a part of TLC, but don't like the challenges, by all means, create your own and go for it!

4. I will share my previous week's results with you all and invite you to do the same. When I post the new challenge on Sunday, I will share my results of the previous week's challenge and any other highlights to past challenges as appropriate. You are free to make any comments about the challenges. Also, if you create your own challenge, I would love to know what it was. It may become a future challenge for me, who knows!

Also, I wanted to give you some more information about how the post each week will look. I want to keep the post identifiable to my readers (you will know it is a TLC post so you can read or run away!) I want to keep it organized so not only do you know about the challenge, but also understand why it is one of my challenges. Therefore, every challenge will have the following criteria:

What is the challenge?
Why is it a challenge?
How do we go about doing the challenge?
Who does the challenge include?
Other important information to help (resources, guides, suggested books, etc.)

Also, since it is only one challenge per week, it can be a challenge relating to any of the below categories. I want to keep the challenges as organized as possible, so you will see a category identifier on each challenge, so you know what to expect. My categories will include:


Also, remember these are challenges, not goals. They are going to be things we can do to help with overall goals. Therefore, a challenge will never be "lose weight." That doesn't help me to actually lose weight, that is just me saying it out loud. Instead, I will modify my daily menu, incorporate activity into my week and make decisions for healthful living.

These are my challenges so you are invited to participate, but you can also create your own if these don't apply to you and still want to be part of making 2009 a year of exciting growth and development!

Lastly, I want to assure you all (in case any of you were pacing back and forth fuming about this whole project) that although TLC will continue to be a weekly post this year, I will also bring more exciting twin stuff for all of my readers. So don't fret, there will be something for everyone!

See you Sunday!


Toni said...

Can't wait to see how this goes!

Toni said...

p.s. Happy New Year!!!

Helene said...

This sounds like fun and a great way to get people motivated to make good changes!!

stephanie said...

I've been looking foward to this! My hope is that with encouragement and prayer, I too will be motivated to adapt a more healthful lifestyle in 2009!