Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's Get Acquainted

Seventeen months ago, my life changed. Everything I knew about this world and who I was as a person completely went out the window. The so-called stress of my days prior to this was a joke. Spending time with my husband - grabbing our keys and rushing out the door for a spontaneous dinner or movie, having "quality" time together, opening a bottle of wine after work and dreaming about our future - that is now called "the past". We now currently live in the "the present". The present is called "life with twins."

My husband and I were blessed in February 2007 with the arrival of twin baby girls. Probably from the opening of this blog, you might of suspected I would have entered the word "cursed" instead of "blessed", but they are blessings. Because although life completely changed for us, the change was one of amazing love, challenge, adventure, beauty, laughter, tears, exhaustion and the best moments of my life so far. I am exhausted by the time the girls go to bed at night, but shortly after they are asleep, I have to stop myself from wanting to scoop them up and hold them all night.

Twins are amazing. Twins scare outsiders. I often hear "How do you do it?" or "I couldn't imagine!" I smile and politely say something like, "It's hard work, but I love it." And that is the truth. It isn't easy at all. But when you are faced with two little human beings who both need you desperately for love, hugs and kisses, direction, food, diaper changings, clothing changings, baths, etc. there is only one thing to do. Love them, hug them, kiss them, guide them, feed them, change them, bath them...

How in the world can all of this be done? Well, I am glad you asked! I have created this blog to chronicle my family's journey with bringing up twins (and of course sharing the adorable stories of my amazing little girls), but I also want to help other soon-to-be parents of twins find the information they need for caring for their little miracles in the womb and in the world. I hope other twin parents and parents of two or more small children (I think that if you have 2 or more in diapers, you can completely relate to what parents of multiple children go through) will gain ideas, insight and support.

So, enjoy reading about my Peanut and Jelly Bean and many blessings to all.

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