Friday, October 3, 2008


Fall snuck up on me. Last week, it was hot and shorts-wearing kind of weather. It was a typical day in September when it was not considered summer anymore by the calendar, but someone hadn't told the weather that it was time to lay off on the heat.

So, this week, I woke up to chilly mornings and it never went away. It has been downright chilly here in Ohio and Fall is officially in full swing. Last weekend was the Apple Festival so maybe that was the reason it finally changed. Who knows. All I know, is that I am very unprepared for this seasonal switch and it shows in the outfits that my kids have been running around in.

You all know I have been droning on and on about us moving into our house. (I know, I am sick of living it, much less writing about it.) But this temporary refugee-like living situation we have found ourselves in has created a complete fashion crisis for my girls. Now the weather is cooler, so all of the cute T-shirts and skooter skirts they have been accustomed to wearing all summer long, (you know, the only clothes that are in their dresser and are washed), are pretty much worthless now.

Now I have been frantically trying to find the boxes that have their fall/winter clothes, but who knows what I did with all of those? I am not the most organized person (twindada, if you are reading this, stop shaking your head "Yes".) So, I have been trying to search through the clothes that are available to find long sleeves and pants. I have found some, but of course nothing matches.

We have had some interesting outfits this week and my girls have reminded me of a certain character from my youth...remember Punky Brewster? Well, this scrappy little girl has nothing on my crazy little clowns-in-training. My husband even came home last night and looked at Peanut and said, "That's a snazzy outfit you got on there." Sigh. It is bad when twindada thinks they look like "fashion don't's." I am failing as a mother.

So many people would shrug their shoulders and say, "who cares, you aren't going anywhere, right?" Well, no, we haven't and I really shouldn't care. But some female in this family better look good because me and the dogs aren't cutting it.

The dogs haven't had baths for awhile, so they are looking pretty dingy and well, I have had a bath recently and I still look pretty dingy. If my kids don't look good, then we are all going to be one big scrappy family.

So, this clothing crisis is real. I will spend the weekend locating, washing and folding clothes that can be properly aligned with other clothes and we will continue to give the illusion that we have it all together.

Now, if only it were true...


Toni said...

Maybe this is why I only need boys because I think I would be in the same situation!!!

I loved Punky!!! Good luck!

Kim said...

Ha! I can totally relate to this post, and I don't even have the excuse of having just moved.

I think there is something about having twin girls that adds to our guilt. They would look so precious if only we had our act together, no? I was walking into the grocery store behind a mom who had a little girl about the same age as my twins, and she was so cute with an adorable outfit and a perfect part in her hair with sweet little ribbons. Meanwhile, my girls looked like gypsie exiles in their rubber boots, too-short pants, and mismatched tops. And the hair. Oh, the hair . . .

twinmama said...

Thank you, Thank you, Kim! That makes me feel so much better. My girls never look like some of the little girls that I see with their hair done and perfect little clothes. I don't have time to wrestle 2 kids into letting me tame the hair much less put it up in pigtails.