Thursday, November 13, 2008

Okay, breaaathe!

I have officially stopped holding my breath. I am breathing regularly again though it is still too soon to know if it is safe to do so. But I am optimistic that we have turned a corner on all of this "newness" and we are finally coming into our routine.

Back in September, I wrote a sad, almost desperate post that I was not looking forward to the transition for us out of my family's house and into our own house. I don't mind the change so much, it is just all the stress of packing, moving and new routines. And though there are many things that we still need to do, it just feels like we are getting into our groove. I can't believe we have been here for two months.

We have accomplished quite a bit since we have moved into our new house. From a remodel standpoint, we have pulled all the old carpeting out of most of the main floor exposing wonderful hardwood floors that just need a good sanding and sealing. Twindada laid new flooring in the dining room (which is a new addition so it doesn't have hardwood). The dining room, girls' room and our bedroom are painted. The playroom is filled with toys and gets heavy use by my little duo and their friend.

The girls are doing good. They have figured out their schedule here and enjoy the playroom because it has lots of space for them to run and trash with all their toys.

On a personal note, I have started three jobs that keep me very busy, but I enjoy it all the same. It is a good supplemental income for my family and I am proud that I get to stay home with Peanut and Jelly Bean plus support our finances, too.

So, life is going. Our life. Not our new life, just our life. There is something so common, so ordinary, so, well routine about just saying our life. And I love it. I don't want to move anymore. I am tired of packing up and starting over. Instead of running toward something like we have done over the past seven years, I am ready to stand still and enjoy what is in front of me.

Do you know what is in front of me? My God. My babies. My husband. My home.

What a great life, it is.


Sabrae said...

Sounds like you are adjusting well :)

Jennifer said...

You are doing great! Keep up all that good breathing!!!