Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What To Do While You Stand In Line To Vote

Hopefully everyone out there is heading out to vote today. No matter who you are voting for today, one thing may happen to many voters - waiting in line. So I have thought up some things to do while you are waiting to partake in your civil duties!

1. Catch Up On Your Reading! What a great way to finish that book that has been sitting on your nightstand.

2. Bring Your Ipod and listen to something other than nursery rhymes and Disney songs. Wow, some time to listen to grown up music? Dare to dream, huh?

3. Write out your grocery list. Just a pad of paper and a pen and you can have your shopping trip planned out.

4. Consider your choices in the election. Are you voting for the person who matches your views? Are you sure?

5. Make friends with others in line. You might find some interesting people to talk to. Heck, you might catch up with old friends and neighbors in line, too!

6. Wrangle your children. If you have to take your kids to the polls, then really don't need this list. Sorry.

7. Look up the internet on your cell phone and read Bringing Up Twins!

8. Call your friends and family and remind them to vote! And catch up on all those phone calls that you need to return. (Just don't talk so loudly that people down the street the hear you. This will annoy the people standing in line with you, thus making #5 hard to do.)

9. Write out your Christmas gift lift or start filling out those Christmas cards.

10. Figure out a good enough excuse to take the rest of the day off from work.

PSA: This is meant for humor and enjoyment. Please note that at Bringing Up Twins we respect everyone's opinion, but since my blog is not a politically focused blog, we will not participate in any type of endorsement conversation.


Toni said...

Great list!!! Luckily, I voted early and did not have to wait in line! My hubby went at 7 this morning and had to wait 40 minutes...

Sabrae said...

:) My MeMe is done :)

Helene said...

That is a great list!!! I was surprised that I didn't actually have to wait in line. Just walked right in and voted. Although I had no idea which precinct number I was and the guy made me feel so stupid so I said "well, at least I AM voting".

Hope you didn't have to wait too long in line!

Kim said...

This list is hilarious when I'm reading it in my soft fleece pajamas at home, mug of coffee in hand. Not so funny if I'm standing in line with all 4 kids ; ) which is why I always vote by absentee ballot--fill it out at home, then drop it in the mail. I highly recommend it.