Monday, December 29, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Things: The Gear That Kept Us Going

This week, I am wrapping up 2008 with some reviews and awards. Each post will contain information about twinmama's picks for the year, so stayed tuned for a new topic each time.

So how exactly do we keep those babies washed, fed, clothed and entertained? I wish that I could say it was my amazing charm and talent that keeps Peanut and Jelly Bean in tip top shape, but alas I would be lying...did I just say 'alas'? Okay, so here are my top favorite items that got us through the year...

1. Keeping My Sanity - There are strollers and then there are jogging strollers or "joggers". And yet again there are double jogging strollers. Not all strollers are alike and certainly not all jogging strollers are meant for running. (That is kind of strange, isn't it?) But if you like to run and have two itie-bities to travel with, then the BOB Duallie Sport Utility stroller is for you. It has a 16 inch, stationary front wheel, serious off-roading tires, emergency hand brake, comfortable child straps and well, it just looks sweet. I chose red, but it also comes in blue. Buy one today.

2. Cleaning Up After the Little Ones. How many messes are you cleaning up? I clean up a ton of whatever on a regular basis. I started searching for a product that I felt comfortable using around the girls that would eliminate the mess, but also seem safer. That is when I discovered Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Cleaner. It is awesome. I use it to clean their booster seats, toys, potty chairs, door handles, kitchen counters, anywhere. It eliminates germs, but it safe to use around children, pets and spaces where food is prepared.

3. Keeping Those Bottoms Healthy. There are a ton of diaper rash ointments on the market and they all do a pretty decent job at eliminating red tushes, however I was turned on to a product that few people that I know at least have heard about it. It is called Resinol. The active ingredients in the ointment are petrolatum (skin protectorant) and resorcinol (topical analgesic) and the inactive ingredients are lanolin, calamine, corn starch and zinc oxide. Most brands only contain one of these ingredients, but Resinol has them all. Since it contains calamine, it can only be applied four times a day, but healing begins quickly. No prescription is needed, but you may have to ask your pharmacist to order.

4. A Place For the Kiddos To Eat. Thank you, Fisher Price Space Saver High Chairs. I have recently retired these high chairs, but for over a year and a half they have been essential for our family. They fit directly onto an existing chair, so they do not take up any more room than necessary. I have two concerns about these chairs that I hope that someone at ole' F-P could address: Make the cover machine washable and also make the cover fit over the sides of the seat so food can't slip underneath. Other than that, a good alternative for the cramped kitchen.

5. Keeping Them Busy. When Peanut and Jelly Bean were 12 months old, I pulled out the Baby Einstein Alphabooks box and let them open it and explore. An hour later, yes, you heard right, they were still playing with all the books. This product is amazing! It is a cardboard box containing 26 individual alphabet books. In each book there are three pages with a word on each page and a picture or photograph of the word. To this day, the girls love to sit and look through these books and the fact they come in a box is a total bonus. God love the friend who bought them for the girls!

There you have it, folks! I could go on, but then my list wouldn't be very special now, would it? I hope that I have given you a little glimpse into our past year and I hope next year that I can tell you the Baby Bjorn potty chairs rock, too. (But we will see, we are still in testing mode here at the twinfamily house.)

Stay tuned for my next installment!


Helene said...

Great post!! I love the Clorox cleaner spray too, esp for the reason you mentioned, that it's safe to use around children.

I've never heard of Resinol but you can bet I'll be asking the pharmacist about it next time I pick up a scrip! Landon gets diaper rashes often (due to his love of all kinds of acidic fruit) and it would be nice to have just one ointment that does it all, rather than having to layer him with Mylanta, Butt Paste and Aquaphor!

Jennifer said...

The Baby Bjorn potty chair rocks!! There, I've added my research as well. That's what we've been using, well, that AND the big potty. Cause you can't take a potty chair with you!
We're making progress - only two accidents today, both in the morning. She's now "holding" it and will sit on the potty FOREVER if she thinks she maybe might go - she's so concerned about it going into the potty. We'll see how tomorrow goes!
You'll want to get the video "Go, Potty, Go" - it really put together the big kid pants and being a big kid and all that. I think it definitely made the lil' miss more conscious of actually using the potty!