Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here are a series of scenarios for when to use the word, "No."


twinmama: "Jelly Bean, eat your green beans."
Jelly Bean: "Nooooo!!"


twinmama: "Jelly Bean, please do not climb up on that shelf."
Jelly Bean: "Nooooo!!"


twinmama: "Jelly Bean, time to take a nap."
Jelly Bean: "No."

Discussing Aspirations:

twinmama: "Do you want to be a teacher when you grow up?"
Peanut: "No."
Jelly Bean: "Nooo..."
twinmama: "Do you want to be an astronaut?"
Both: "No!"
twinmama: "Do you want to be a lion tamer?"
Peanut: "(silence)" (...should I be worried?)
Jelly Bean: "...nooooo" (She had to think about it...)

Out of the Blue:

Jelly Bean: "NOOOO!!"

(Nothing happened. No one said a word to her...She just got really mad.)

Disciplining the Dogs:

Peanut: "No, no!" (As she shakes her finger at the dog...yeah...I really need to re-evaluate my discipline style....)

Twinmama sneezed:

twinmama: "Excuse me."
Jelly Bean: "No."


Sabrae said...

LOL!!!! To cute!! Gotta love that stage when all they know is the word "no"

Kim said...

Too funny! The "out of the blue" scenario says it all— you never know when or why they're going to yell "NO!"

Helene said...

This post is hilarious!! Once they learn the word "no", things are never quite the same!!!

Trina said...

Hi! (I'm Trina mom of 3yr old twin boys). I have one that's in this stage still since about 9 months old! But it does get better!

Gin E said...

lol! the "no" phase. i can relate with the disciplining...sometimes it makes you wonder who (mommy or kids) said "no" more often.

Jennifer said...

Don't you just LOVE no! Mine is in that stage, too. Everything I tell her to do gets a response of NO, but fortunately she still does it anyway. And, yes, she tries to discipline my dog, too. Even though he's done NOTHING wrong! Poor thing, he doesn't know what to do with himself!

glitzen said...

Ha ha, I love it.
My girls are getting to the age now, where I hope they remember how to say NO and mean it! Wink.