Friday, December 26, 2008

The Week In A Nutshell

I hope everyone had a wonderful, healthy and safe Christmas! It is a blessed time to reflect on Jesus' birth and sacrifice with our loved ones.

I clearly fell off the face of the earth for the past week, which is like a month in the blogosphere. Where did the time go? Oh yeah, I was shopping, cooking and catching up on everything that I have been procrastinating on for the past month. This year was a little off for us over here in twinfamily land. With our new house still in the midst of a remodel, we didn't really have a lot of places to go with Christmas decorations which is kind of annoying because we have a decent size house now, but quite a bit of it is not live-able space until we finish up our projects. (I asked Santa to refinish the hardwood floors this week, but I guess he doesn't do that kind of thing. Oh well.)

In addition, some kind stranger gave us another present - a wrecked car. Twindada's car was hit from behind coming home on a busy interstate. Thank God, he was not hurt, however we can't say the same about his car. It is an efficient car for his very long commute, but it is very old, so we expect the insurance company will just total it. We weren't planning on buying another car right now, so we will be down to one. Joy!

The girls had a good time opening their gifts. They got a lot of stuff, so I bagged their old toys. I figure down the road, I can switch the toys out again and they won't get bored easily. We have Dora merchandise everywhere. One thing that I personally was excited about was the girls got potty chairs! Hurray! We have been using them for a couple days and Peanut has gone twice in the potty. I was pretty pumped about it. Jelly Bean patiently sits there, but she hasn't figured it out yet. I know she will. It's a whole new concept (for me, too), so we just have to keep working on it.

So, that is what has been going on in our world here. Sorry, this is probably my lamest post (rant) ever, but I wanted give you a reminder and announcements and let you all know that I am alive.

Next stop? New Year's! Bring on the appetizers, snack food and booze!

(Okay, this is my house, clearly we all celebrate differently!)

In the meantime, chew on this and I will be back next week with better quality material:

* Don't forget about Twinmama's Lifestyle Challenge! I will kick things off on Sunday, January 4th, 2009. Also, next week I will give you some more information to help you prepare for what is to come.

* Next week, I will bring you some 2008 reviews and awards to wrap up the year.

* Next year, besides TLC, big things are on the move. I don't want to spill it all just yet, but let me give you one little hint: I need to find some blogo-sized cardboard boxes!


glitzen said...

Boxing up toys...such a good idea. I used to do that too, then "rotate" toys each month or so. The girls thought they were like new again!
sorry about your wrecked car. Mine's a wreck too, but unfortunately keeps santa said no new car until this one quits. Pout.

Helene said...

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's accident! What a relief he's okay but it's a bummer about having to get a new car at some point.

We rotate our toys here too! It's funny to see the looks on the kids faces when I bring out a box of old toys. They act like they've never seen them before and get all excited!

Jennifer said...

We just started our first day of hard-core potty training today. And by "hard-core" I mean that we let the little imp run around the kitchen in a long sleeved shirt, underwear and socks...and just waited. She loves to sit on the potty, but won't perform, even though she understands the motions. So after peeing on the floor THREE TIMES, I finally got her on the potty for one. And then later, she went to the potty chair all by herself when she had to go - but apparently does NOT have the concept of removing the underpants first, cause she peed THROUGH them! I don't care. I was elated! She got stickers galore (that's her little reward for potty sitting), the floor's been mopped and all the socks and undies and towels have been washed, and tomorrow we will do it all over again! I actually got this advice from another mom who's younger girl was trained this way, so please don't think I'm totally nuts!!! (OK, I admit to being about half nuts all the time, or 100% nuts half the time, but not both!)

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about the wrecked car. Bah humbug.

Looking forward to your Lifestyle Challenge! I hope you will help me lose weight without exercising or eating less. I prefer to just think about things, and then have them happen. Thanks.

Toni said...

I know what you mean about a week being a month... Luckily everyone is busy this time of year! Sorry about the wrecked car!

Glad the girls had a big Christmas!

Have a Happy and safe New Year!