Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hiatus: Part Deux

We received word that our power is back on at our house! Whoo Hoo! Now, we have to pack everything up and move back in tonight...Ugghh!

Due to the power outages, our internet installation was cancelled this week, so I will be unable to write more until we can get another appointment. I hope to be back online again very soon so I can bring more information to my 'Bringing Up Twins' readers and check out my favorite blogs, too!

Talk to you all again soon! Please don't forget about me!


Helene said...

I'm so sorry for that unexpected change in plans! Mother Nature leaves much to be desired sometimes!

Hope you're back in your new home soon so you can get back to getting settled!

Kim said...

Glad you survived the windstorm. Now you have a mountain of boxes to face . . . I still have a pile out in the garage that I never unpacked and it's been two years since we moved : (

glitzen said...

HI, found you from Kim's blog, and wanted to say hello. Glad you are all okay! Scary storm! Glad we don't have those here, all we have are earthquakes. Yikes there too.

Take care!

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

Can't wait to hear back from you and glad you have electricity back!