Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Wind

It never seems like anything goes like planned. I should know better by now that whatever I think is going to happen, will probably turn out completely the opposite. Well, it happened this weekend.

We moved into our new home last Tuesday night. It is a makeshift operation right now as I have been going through boxes, cleaning and trying to baby proof our new home. Did I mention that we are also re-doing several rooms? It has been absolutely crazy! So, what could make things even more stressful?

On Sunday, I thought it would be a good day to go back to my Mom's and get a few more things that we had to leave behind. Plus, I knew my Mom would want to see the girls. We left in the morning and it was a beautiful, sunny day. I thought it would be perfect to load up our truck with some remaining furniture. We arrived to our destination without any problems and visited with family for a couple hours. During this time, the sunny day had turned quite cloudy and we noticed that the wind had picked up a great deal.

When we looked out the back window, we realized that the wind was out of control. The entire backyard was littered with branches from Mom's trees. Leaves, branches and other debris would suddenly hit the windows in strong gusts. We also saw roof shingles scattered all over the neighborhood. The remains of Hurricane Ike had reared his ugly head in Ohio.

The wind continued for hours with periodic gusts that were quite strong and reminded me of hurricane weather when my husband and I lived in Florida. (We were around for Charlie, Francis, Jeanne, etc. in the summer of 2004.)

After all was said and done, there was a lot of damage along with about 700,000 customers without electricity in the Cincinnati area and almost 200,000 customers in Dayton without electricity. (Reports say that Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky all experienced damage and outtages.)

The girls and I were forced to stay at my Mom's and have stayed here because our new home doesn't have electricity either and since we have a well we are without water, too. Joy! Luckily Mom's electricity was restored yesterday thus the reason that I can even write this post.

My husband has since joined us and now we live the way we did prior to last Tuesday. Waiting for the opportunity to continue to get our new lives on track.

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