Monday, September 29, 2008

The Power of 2

Do you have a lucky number? I think many people have one number they feel is their favorite because it has brought them luck in the past, for spiritual reasons or it reminds them of some life experience. Well, I have always thought that my favorite number was 7 like many people, but my adult life has been centered around the number 2. Here are a few examples:

During my college career, I attended not one, but two colleges.

In August 2002, my husband and I got married and also bought our first home. (Two very stressful life events that I would NEVER recommend doing at the same time.)

We bought not one, but two puppies - Sydney & Blayney - two days in a row. (We got Sydney, she cried all night and then the following day, we went back for Blayney.)

I have lived in two states - Ohio and Florida.

We have twins - TWO girls.

I may have a split personality - one nice, one mean. (This is self diagnosed, so it may not be true. It could just be hormones...)

So, what brought all this up today? Well, as a dedicated mama who is constantly trying to smash as much knowledge into my little 19 month old's brains (can we say pressure?), I have been teaching my little ones to count. Okay, c'mon, now! I know they aren't going to be mathematicians anytime soon (especially considering the gene pool they inherited), but it can't hurt trying to get them to learn algebra or calculus before they go to pre-school. I want them to be prepared for learning, right? Just kidding.

We are practicing how to count to 5 right now and if we get that down, we will shoot for 10. But what is cracking me up is they really have figured out 2. If I start off saying, "oooonnne...", they both chime in, "twwwoooo...". So, I say, "thhhreeee....". They come back with, "twwooooo..." They love the number 2. They pick up cardboard numbers and count them all as 2. I hear them counting by themselves and it is a garble of baby babble and then in perfect, clear voices, they say, "two."

Two. The number to live by. The number that resonates in my memory and circles around in my present. My two little girls showing me the power of 2. There is such a power to the number 2.

How could 2 be more powerful than lucky number 7 or scary number 13? Here is what I think: Two represents a relationship. There is power in our marriage, in friendships, in our family relationships and in our walk with Christ. Two reminds us that it isn't about what society as a whole says or doesn't water down our thoughts like a group can. Two people build each other up and share intimate moments together. They help each other, they work together and they have a trust that is strong. No other number can boast this special bond.

And that is why I love hearing ,"twwoooo!" all day long. My little girls share a special bond as twins and I share a special bond individually with them as their mother. We may be a family of four but our individual 2's are what will always keep us strong.


Helene said...

You have such a way with words!!! Your thoughts are always so eloquently expressed!

Wow, your girls are smart little cookies!! My boys can barely talk and they are 2 weeks shy of 19 months and your girls are already counting!!!

My husband and I also got married in Aug 2002 and bought a house the month after we were married. I totally agree with you on the fact that you should never do 2 very huge, stressful things so close together!!

ZAJA Natural Handmade Confections said...

My older sis just had twins this weekend, a boy and girl. Twins are so cool!