Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back To Present Day

If you have been enjoying reading my posts, please stick around. I will come back to my story about conceiving, carrying and now caring for my twin girls in their earlier days. I have affectionately named these posts as part of my "Looking Back" series. There will be more to come in the near future, but I just want to take a breather and talk about modern day stuff. After all, my babies are growing by the day and this Monday will be officially 18 months old!

I actually was thumbing through a Children's Place catalog and saw some very cute clothes for them, but then realized they were only for up to 12 months...this sent off some serious sprinklers from my eyeballs. I lost it! Peanut and Jelly Bean just kind of stared and me. I could imagine what they were saying..."There goes that crazy woman again!"

When I think about my babies, I get really emotional. Do you? I guess from everything we have been through, I just can't help remember what it took to get here and how so incredibly blessed I feel to have beautiful, healthy little girls. I don't take my blessings lightly and know that others aren't so lucky. So, even though the days are crazy and can be far from perfect, I know that these are the best of times.

Thank you, God, for my family. My family...sniff, sniff...there I go again...


Helene said...

I'm all misty-eyed from reading your last few posts. What a beautiful birth story (scary at first but obviously has a very happy ending!!)

I didn't realize your girls were so close in age to my little twins. They just turned 17 months old last Sunday! So you and I are probably experiencing very similar things with our twins! I have to say I'm really enjoying this stage with them...they are SO much fun!

I get very emotional too when I look at all my kids and think back to how much my husband and I have been through. It does make me take a step back and appreciate all that God has blessed me with.

twinmama said...

I am really enjoying this age, too! Yep, I noticed we both had twins the same age, we can swap stories! I am enjoying reading your blog as well. :)