Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two Week Hiatus From My Bedroom, Part I

From the "Looking Back" Series...

I continued to work from my bed once put on bed rest. Every day, my co-workers would cautiously send an email or call to see if I was still around. I would answer immediately saying, "Yep! Still here!" Every evening before I signed off for the day, I would keep track of what I was working on, so that at any given moment, someone would know where to pick up my work.

One Friday, I had a doctor's appointment so my husband had to take me as I was not allowed to drive anymore. I started looking forward to appointments because that was the only reason I was allowed to go anywhere. So, I waddled into the office for my appointment. At this point, the doctor was checking my cervix weekly to determine if there were any changes. The doctor told me that I was going to have my cervix checked weekly, so I expected it. This particular appointment the doctor listened to the babies' heartbeats, but didn't check me. He was about to finish up when I asked, "Are you going to check my cervix?" Now I must say, it is not like I was looking forward to him examining me, but I was TOLD that I needed to be examined every week, so being a detailed, thorough person that I am, I reminded him. He looked at my chart and was surprised to find the notes regarding this routine. He then examined me, stood up and said, "Well, I am glad I did because you are two centimeters dilated." I was 30 weeks along.

My husband and I were again shocked and concerned about what was going to happen next. He asked us to wait there and went out to make a phone call. I have learned from this experience that is usually meaning they are consulting someone else about what to do. That makes a person feel good, huh? He returned to the exam room and proceeds to tell us that I must go over to a nearby hospital and check in for observation where I will meet with a specialist. A specialist. Hospital. Check-in. My bed rest had gone to a whole new level.


Helene said...

Reading your blog completely takes me back to both my twin pregnancies! I always looked forward to my dr's appts b/c it meant I got to leave my bedroom! And of course there's nothing worse than the dr leaving the room after delivering bad news to you. I remember when I was pg with Garrett and Landon (around week 31) my OB sent me for an u/s and the technician couldn't even measure my cervix b/c there was nothing left to measure and Garrett (baby A) was so low they were afraid that if I started to dilate, he'd immediately descend into the birth canal. They transported to the hospital by ambulance. I was totally freaked out!

I'm really enjoying your blog...boy, it sure takes me back! It seems like you and I had very similar pregnancy experiences!

twinmama said...

I am so happy you are enjoying my blog! I wish I would have met you when I was pregnant, I know I needed the support that no one other than a mother of multiples can give.