Monday, August 4, 2008

Still In Bed

From the "Looking Back" Series...

The week that we saw the midwife and she put me on bed rest came and went. It was kind of a much needed break for me to just be off my feet and hang out. I had the week off from work following Christmas, so it was a nice excuse to just "chill" instead of completing a long list of tasks. I lounged mostly on the couch watching TV, surfing the web, reading books and magazines and hanging out with hubby and the dogs. When the time came to go back to see my doctor, I was ready to have a break of being in the house and of course we were very curious as to what he would have to say.

When the doctor examined me and decided there was no change, he announced that my days of working were over. I was put on bed rest until the babies were born. Whoa. My husband and I both should have been more prepared for the news, but we still were surprised. I was planning on eventual bed rest, but wasn't planning on it happening for another month. There goes making plans when you are carrying babies! So, the week that I enjoyed being "off" so to speak actually turned out to be my life for the next couple of months.

I wasn't allowed to sit or walk around a great deal. I could stay at home, but I had to lay down on the bed or on the couch. I had to put as little pressure on my lower quarters as possible. I would lay and type on the computer. I could get up and go to the bathroom and get a quick bite to eat, but no standing up cooking or doing laundry. I could sit up and eat my meals, but immediately had to lie back down afterward. (Talk about major heartburn doing this! It became a ritual every night that I would drink a small glass of milk before bed and this would help my heartburn.)

I had to call my boss and tell him that I wasn't going to be able to come back into the office anymore, but I decided to continue to work as much as possible. I would lay in bed and do my work from my laptop. It was kind of funny actually. My co-workers would ask me all types of questions if I was on a conference call about what was going on. I never thought I would be talking to my co-workers while I was laying in bed. Weird! But everyone were very good sports about it all and I was able to work for about two more weeks before the next phase of this roller coaster ride took place.


Jennifer said...

I can imagine how rough that must have been. It's always fun for the first few days, then it's just annoying!

Helene said...

Wow, I can totally relate to being on bedrest! With my 1st twin pregnancy, I was on bedrest for 4 weeks due to PTL at 28 wks and my twins came at 32 wks. Then for my 2nd twin pregnancy, I was on bedrest for 14 long, dreary weeks and they came at 34 weeks. Like the other PP said, it was kinda nice those first few days but then after that I felt like a giant lump just taking up space on the sofa!!!

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