Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why Am I Always Having One of THOSE Days?

We have all heard the phrase, "It's been one of those days!" Well, I need to record my voice so that I can play it over and over again every day of my life. Seriously. It seems when things are coming along and I am starting to get into a flow with this thing called life, something comes along and bumps me out of the lifeboat that I have been desperately trying to stay in.

I had the most fitful night of rest. I was dreaming about who knows what because I can't remember now, but I am thoroughly exhausted from whatever was going on in "La La" land. So my day started out slow. Of course, Peanut (my alarm clock) was ready to go this morning happily bouncing in her bed and shouting, "Mama, Mama" into the monitor. I awoke Jelly Bean (she is like her mama and enjoys sleeping) and we started our day. The girls have been competing for my attention lately, so I am starting to see this thing where they are pushing each other out of my lap so they can get to me. It is usually followed by shrieks and tears and reciprocal hand swipes to the face. It is quite pleasant, especially for someone who apparently scaled Mt. Everest in her sleep last night.

After the girls went down for a nap, I received a series of strange emails or phones inquiries resulting into various issues that I had to deal with. One a follow up on a job inquiry that I was initially excited about, but received a quick reply that I may not be qualified enough for it. So, shot down in 5 minutes. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Another from someone who found something that I lost, but I didn't know that I lost it. Now I feel secure, too! And yet another from the bank, but this was just for an address change. Whew...okay...we are still moving into our new house.

Now I am trying to find ways to remove really old wallpaper. Oh yeah, did I tell you about all the "to do's" we have to do to move into our new digs? Yeah, it will be fun.

Okay, breath. I guess with the turbulence of life inside and outside the home, I am constantly on guard that my lifeboat is going to flip me out. But I am holding on. Holding on tight. And if for some reason my boat sinks, I do have somethings to hold on to. My faith and my family. My faith - the beacon of light that is always present and points me the way to swim and my family, the people who will stay by my side and tread the water with me.

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Helene said...

You have a great attitude about the challenges you're facing currently! Hope everything works out well!