Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Double Jogger Runner" Motivational Tidbit

My Mean Little Coaches... babies...the double jogger....we have a date with running destiny. We are going to get out there after the sippy cups of milk and cheerios have been consumed. After the diapers have been changed and the pajamas are replaced with the day's clothes, we are getting out there and getting it done!

My plan is for a two mile jog around the neighborhood. Hopefully my little coaches - affectionately referred to as my two "mean" little coaches - will tour the neighborhood in comfort and in style while I sweat and gasp my way to my goal. I look forward to this. I am going to do it!

You may ask, "Why are they my MEAN little coaches?" Well, I figure that in order to motivate someone, coaches have to be hard on the one they are helping to train. They push them and make them do more than what they thought they are capable of doing. So, in my case my 18 month old twin girls don't necessary yell at me and tell me to go faster or work harder. But they do get mad when we are going slow, so in essence, I guess they are. I know they enjoy going fast and feeling the slight breeze of the morning. So, I know I have motivation to run when I put them in the jogger.

But the real reason that I teasingly say they are "mean" is that everyday that I think that I am making progress is really just for that day. While I am hitting new goals, the girls are getting bigger and bigger every day. The weight that I am pushing while I take each step is getting to be more and more. So, my little coaches are helping to make me stronger and build my endurance just by growing into the little girls that I am helping them to become. I say they are mean, but it isn't a bad thing. They are part of their Mommy's workout and hopefully when they grow up, they will want to push themselves to accomplish their goals, too.

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Helene said...

Good for you on getting out there and getting some exercise while your girls enjoy a ride! I wish my boys would hold still in the stroller long enough for me to go for a 2-mile jog! After 10 minutes, they're struggling to get out!!