Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Clothes Diva

I really thought that I had some time. I mean, they are only 18 months old. Having two girls, I definitely heard all about it when I told people what we had. "Oh, no, you better watch out - girls are a handful!"

Well, my sweet little baby girls in their pink and purple have been nothing but a joy. They don't have meltdowns or throw fits...right? Well, if you read my "Abandon Ship" post you know this isn't true. Despite all of this, they aren't bad kids at all and are very sweet and lovable. They both have smiles that light up the room and giggle like little girls when strangers speak to them. So, I have it pretty easy and am very blessed.

However there is one thing that I wasn't counting on at this age and that is the one aspect of melodrama that occurs with most teenage girls - the clothes diva. I figured by thirteen I would be breaking up arguments over clothing and personal items, but I didn't think that I would have to deal with it now.

Peanut has discovered that clothing is quite important to her. She has a few very select favorite T-shirts that she runs for when the dresser drawer is opened. I know which ones they are and try to put those on her because I know how much they mean to her, but this morning, she threw me off. I put a T-shirt on Jelly Bean that was cute, but not any of Peanut's favorites. It is a red T-shirt with a tree on it and stars and says, "Red, White & Grow". Seemed like a harmless shirt to put on my Jelly Bean.

Well, according to Peanut this was unacceptable. As soon as she saw it, she walked over, pointed to the graphic now draped across Jelly Bean's chest and started to cry. I mean, really cry. She had tears streaming down her face! She looked at me like I just took her prized possession away from her and in her own frustrated baby babble chewed me out. I tried to calm her down, but it was useless. I had to come up with a quick solution.

Of course, I can never keep up with laundry, so I wasn't sure of what was available for Peanut to wear that day. I prayed there was something really good in the drawer that would stand a chance of being as wonderful as the tree shirt. To my delight as much as Peanuts, I found the most beloved of all of Peanut's garb...the Minnie Mouse T-shirt. Threw the tears, she stared at me as I quickly showed her the shirt shouting, "Minnie Mouse! Minnie Mouse!"

Her tears dried up and she started smiling as I gave her the shirt. Standing in only a diaper, Peanut held it up and pointed to Minnie Mouse and said, "Yeah!" Another fashion crisis averted, but what will come next? I have decided that their father is taking them prom dressing shopping.


Helene said...

Girls are little divas when it comes to clothing! My daughter, who ironically is also nicknamed Peanut, is a fashionista already. She is very into pink and purple and all things Hello Kitty and Barbie. Everything must match from head to toe. I can't believe they start this young...I don't think I was into clothes and fashion until I was a teenager!

Jennifer said...

Mine is in love with Minnie Mouse also! She's just started to want to wear certain clothes. I imagine if she had a twin sister, she would have started doing that a while ago!