Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The "Catcher-Uppers"

My little girls were born at 34 weeks and 2 days. This means they were born six week early and were considered premature. Peanut was 4 lbs and 1 oz while Jelly Bean was 4 lbs and 6 oz at birth. They stayed in the Special Care Nursery for twelve days while their weight slowly climbed.

Like all kids, since they were born their pediatrician has monitored their growth and development and while they caught up quickly with head circumference and weight, they have lagged behind a great deal in height. I have continuously called my girls "short-stacks."

Yesterday they had their 18 month check-up with their pediatrician. It was the final appointment they will have with her because we are moving an hour away. (I am extremely sad about this because she is the best doctor I have ever met. I would love for her to be MY doctor that's how much we liked her! If you or someone you know live in the Cincinnati area and need a good pediatrician, drop me a comment with your email and I will give you her name and practice.)

The girls' check-ups went well and their growth is moving right along. However one thing completely stood out at this appointment that took everyone by surprise. Both of the girls measured in the 60th percentile for height when 3 months ago they were only in the 20th percentile! The pediatrician re-measured to be on the safe side because it was such a huge jump, but it was in fact true. My preemies had FINALLY caught up in height with all the other February '07 kids!

What made it especially cool was our doctor had told us when they were just tiny babies that they would eventually catch up in height by their second birthday. When I was told that, it felt so far away. It is a strange thing...It has ONLY been 18 months, but then again, look at how much as changed since then. Wow, babies are amazing, huh?

So, I look at the babies catching up so quickly this way - our lives are getting ready to change when we move and many things will be different than what they have been. Maybe in some crazy way, the girls caught up for our doctor to see before they move on. A little, "Hey, look Doc, you did a good job!"

My 4 lb preemies are growing up. And just like life, they will continue to grow, change, evolve and one day will move on from me, too. I just hope when that day happens, they can say, "Hey, look Mom, you did a good job!"


Helene said...

What a beautiful post! I'm glad to hear the girls have finally gotten on the charts in their height measurements!! I celebrated the same thing when all my kids (who were also preemies) were finally on the charts as well!

Aren't you just awestruck every time you think of how tiny they were at birth and then looking at them now? People never seem to believe me when I tell them how early my kids were born and what they weighed because looking at my kids now, you'd never they were preemies!

Jennifer said...

You are doing a GREAT job! Just keep those feedbags on them, they're growing like weeds!

Anonymous said...

Great post! So I might have to wait that long for my boys to catch up, they are 9 months and also about 25% on the growth charts, they were preemies as well. Good to see another blogging twin mommy!